Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prego Pics - please help me decide!

Hi, the pregnancy portraits are done and the gallery is up, but just for a week (until Nov 6th), so hurry and take a look!

Go to, and click on "your session." Login is "p.j." and the password is "bebe"

I need some help in narrowing down my selection. I'm only planning to get 3 or 4 prints, and I've decided on 41 with HH for sure, leaving 2-3 prints to decide on.

My other faves are: 17 or 28 (with my Chick), and 18, 58, 68 (just me). Please let me know!

(BTW, you'll notice that my quilt & bedroom are the setting for a lot of the pics...YAY!)


Katie said...

All the pics are so great! They are gorgeous! And your "new" room is also gorgeous!! Oh, it's going to be so hard to decide which pics to choose. I definitely love the one of you in the white shirt and jeans, and i like the one of you and chick sitting on the bed, but not the one where she's grabbing your face. Sorry I can't remember the numbers now. good luck deciding!

Simply Simmons said...

These are some of the most beautiful belly shots I have seen. Kudos to you for getting them done! I lost track of which ones I liked the best after about 20! :) However, I love #39 with Chick...something about Chick's face. And I love #46 with HH. Again, it's something about your faces. I echo the above post...good luck choosing!

nikko said...

Good luck! There are so many great ones. I like the ones with the big button down white shirt. And the ones that show off your quilt!

You are so much braver than I. Belly shots are not my thing. LOL.

I AM said...

I can see why you're having such a hard time choosing, you look gorgeous in all of them (and wow, your hair looks gorgeous).

here is my list of faves:

Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

I loved 17 & 28 as well as 78. They are really great pictures!