Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Holiday Report

We had a great Christmas. We did the usual present opening in the morning, followed by Breakfast Casserole, which is my traditional breakfast (the tradition might have to expand next year, though--I was the only one who ate it this year!).

Just as I was about to start packing up to go to G&G N's house, HH told me that he didn't know if we could go because of a car repair that he had to do...not sure why he waited until it was time to go to tell me....
So here are pictures of what came next. I sent Chick out to play in the snow, Babe played with her new toy, and I had a sulky pity party for a while and then worked on organizing the new snapware that I'd asked for on my Christmas list. HH worked on the car.

He got things put back together again on the jeep in a couple of hours and we were able to go up to my sister's house after all (we didn't make the additional stop at G&G's--we saw them at J's). Evidently I forgot to take pictures there, but we had fun visiting and playing games and such.
Here are the girls in their Christmas attire... They both looked SO DARLING (If I do say so myself. I am biased, but EVERYONE agreed with me!)

(Babe's outfit is a gift from G'ma J & has ears on the hood but they don't show in the picture)

(Chick's outfit is a gift from G'ma N, with babylegs made by me)

Then we spent the night at G&G N's, and I got to spend my birthday up there, which was super fun! I didn't have to do any cooking, and my neice made a delicious cheesecake, and I went shopping with my Mom & Sister & Niece (in law) & the little girls...and HH got to play games with the guys. We all had an excellent time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah yes...Losing weight.

Well, it's almost time. I gave myself half a month of sloth, but on Monday it's time to get real & start eating right & exercising more.

As a help to myself, I'm going to have a weight loss journey blog. It's going to be private, so if you are female (yes, I'm being sexist) & interested in weight loss, then post a comment or email me, and I'll let you in.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ode to My Mom

My mom came to take care of Chick during the birth, & to see the birth herself. She's given birth 7 times, but never SEEN a birth. Chick slept through everything, but my Mom thought it was cool to see the birth. It was exciting for me to have her there, too.
After that, she took care of Chick (which is no small feat--a 22 month old can really wear anyone out!) and took care of me so that I could rest & not worry about maintaining my home. She also helped with groceries & replaced my 2 cup measuring cup that broke a while ago.
Mom also made tapioca pudding, in celebration of breastfeeding (it's a tradition). It was delicious. She did also make healthy stuff...one really delicious thing was a Blue Breakfast Smoothie (her changes are that she doesn't measure the spinach--she puts in 2 handfuls, she added a thick slice of pineapple, and the second time that she made it she omitted the blueberries because she ran out--it was still delicious but not blue...it was green). I promise you CAN'T taste the spinach...it tastes like a yummy fruit smoothie.
Anyhow, I know lots of people don't have help after giving birth--in fact my Mom only had help once: her Mom came for 3 days after the first baby was born. I don't know how they do it--but for myself I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it without my Mom. With the usual healing that comes after giving birth, plus hormones shifting, & re-learning to breastfeed & engorgment, & sleep deprivation, & keeping up with a toddler.... Nope. There were times when I felt like I could barely make it through that first week even WITH help...I don't even want to think what it would be like without help.
Thank you Mom!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am thankful for...

Blogs. I know, I've done a couple of "ode to blogs" already, but I haven't been able to read everyone's blogs for the past week, and this morning I felt like I got to "chat" with family and friends for an hour!

Slings. I was able to make breakfast and type on the computer & all of the other random things that I would normally do in the morning--with the Babe cuddled up next to me (& out of Chick's reach), and with two hands!!

The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. My midwife had mentioned that with her second baby she had a completely different set of "issues" than she'd had with the first. It's the same for us. Glad to have such a thorough reference.

Breastfeeding. I battled engorgement that was starting to turn nasty earlier this week, so it's funny that I'm grateful for this one. But now that we're starting to turn a corner & it's getting more comfortable, I am so happy to have that bonding time & the extra boost of hormones that help me love my baby even more.

Chick. She's either in the Babe's face or she's being a bit of a pill these days...hopefully we'll get back to our regular routine in the next couple of days. However, she's surprisingly gentle with Babe. Even when 2 days ago she managed to sneak some unsupervised time with the baby, she was gentle and loving.

My visiting teachers. They brought/are bringing food & support. Thanks Stacy & Meghan.

There are other things, of course (My Mom, for one, but she's going to get her own post...coming soon)--but Chick reached her level of being ignored & is now in time-out. That's my cue to get off & pay attention to her & feed the Babe.