Friday, December 5, 2008

I am thankful for...

Blogs. I know, I've done a couple of "ode to blogs" already, but I haven't been able to read everyone's blogs for the past week, and this morning I felt like I got to "chat" with family and friends for an hour!

Slings. I was able to make breakfast and type on the computer & all of the other random things that I would normally do in the morning--with the Babe cuddled up next to me (& out of Chick's reach), and with two hands!!

The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. My midwife had mentioned that with her second baby she had a completely different set of "issues" than she'd had with the first. It's the same for us. Glad to have such a thorough reference.

Breastfeeding. I battled engorgement that was starting to turn nasty earlier this week, so it's funny that I'm grateful for this one. But now that we're starting to turn a corner & it's getting more comfortable, I am so happy to have that bonding time & the extra boost of hormones that help me love my baby even more.

Chick. She's either in the Babe's face or she's being a bit of a pill these days...hopefully we'll get back to our regular routine in the next couple of days. However, she's surprisingly gentle with Babe. Even when 2 days ago she managed to sneak some unsupervised time with the baby, she was gentle and loving.

My visiting teachers. They brought/are bringing food & support. Thanks Stacy & Meghan.

There are other things, of course (My Mom, for one, but she's going to get her own post...coming soon)--but Chick reached her level of being ignored & is now in time-out. That's my cue to get off & pay attention to her & feed the Babe.


Katie said...

Brescia is such a cutie pie! It took Maya awhile to adjust, too, to having Zoe around. We never saw the problem at home, but at school she acted out and cried. It took her about a month before she was back to normal. Having two girls is so fun, though. :)

Rachel DeFreese said...

I love her name! She is beautiful, and I can't wait to meet her in a couple of weeks!

The Higham Family said...

She is so pretty! And you're looking awesome as well, I guess without all the IV fluids they pump in you at the hospital, you didn't get all swollen like I did! You are really amazing! Congrats on the little cutie pie :)