Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Journey to Jerusalem

Back in January I got to help plan and carry out our ward's Young Women's New Beginnings meeting.  The theme was "Journey to Jerusalem."  We wanted to pick a theme that went well with the 2014 Young Women's theme: Come Unto Christ.  Here are some pictures...  it was super fun!

These were the invitations...but they were printed and then soaked in cinnamon apple tea and balsamic vinegar.  When they dried they were crinkly, browned, and spicy-smelling.

We kept the refreshements simple and themed... lemon water, olives (which went on the silver plate), and an Israeli pastry called Hamentachen. 

We had big framed pictures of Christ as d├ęcor, as well as a few smaller framed pictures on accent tables...this picture is one that I altered in photoshop.  I used one of the photos from, but did some artistic filters because I wanted it to look like a painting rather than a photograph. 

One of our main decorations was this sheet that covered the front blackboard.  I hand-painted the 2014 theme scripture on it.  (It took me from 8pm-2am, but it was all fine...I was catching up on Downton Abbey.)

One of the take-home gifts for the girls were these luminaries.  I love how they turned elegant but so easy to make!  I designed them on the computer and then just printed them on vellum.

Another gift for the girls were these framed pictures.  The idea for the pictures around the Christus statue was one that is floating around on pinterest.  I asked a talented friend (and niece-in-law!) from the ward to take the pictures, and she did such a great job!  (Thanks, Megan!).  It helps that the girls are all so beautiful and unique.  Anyhow, the frames were from the dollar store.  I love how the table looked!

We made lanterns out of empty jars-- the insides were dyed in value colors, and the outsides were decorated with gold puffy pens for glass.  I used some wire that was sitting around the house (it was actually too fine for this project, but it was the most convenient since I didn't have to go looking for something more suitable).  Then we just added LED tea light candles and hung them on the walls.

We draped value-colored sheets on the walls.  I wanted it to have a middle-eastern lounge feeling, so we borrowed ottomans, pillows, and rugs from people in the ward.  We also borrowed lamps and candles, so that we'd have a more intimate lighting that really added to the lounge-y atmosphere.

Here's the room with people in it, before the meeting started.


The program went well.  I had a great time planning and working on everything, and it turned out to be a beautiful night.

To finish, here's the 2014 theme song, which I absolutely LOVE.  We watched it as part of the program.