Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've been...

...making covered composition books using Annalia's tutorial.  I did one for each of the kids in Chick's preschool, as well as for a couple of the younger siblings for when preschool was held in their home (Monkey was one of them).

(They aren't perfect, but they're still pretty darn cute.  Plus I enjoyed getting to make something for each of the kids in preparation for preschool.  And I think they like having their own special book.  Whenever Monkey sees a scrap of any of these papers she tells me, "That's Hyrum's paper"  or "That's Bella's" ...those papers will forever be associated with the kids in preschool)

...Making smocks for preschool.  I made up my own smock design using a men's oxford.  They're a little funny in the back, but the kids don't seem to mind.  The girls got matching headscarfs, because we don't want their hair to get paint on it...and because I didn't want to waste the good details of the buttons and button holes : )  {you'll see more smock pictures when I blog actual preschool pictures}

...making picture pebble magnets.  I did 5 large ones, and 4 small ones.  I love them.  The large ones are on my fridge, and the small ones are on my lockers.

(and speaking of my lockers)
...organizing my fabric stash into my previously-pretty-waste-of-space lockers.

 {left: Chick quilt fabric / Multi-color and holiday / Purple / Blue / Green}
{center: Gear / Red / Pink / White, neutral, yellow}
{right: Felt / Fancy and specialty / Black, b&w / Kid} 

(someday I'll need to fill that in, but in the meantime I didn't have the heart to take that space away)

...making hair accessories.  My niece (in-law) told me how to make the petaled fabric flowers, and they were so easy (aside from the long time that it took me to pick out the buttons for the centers) that I did a bunch.  The small dk green ones are to go with a oxford-refashioned shirt dress that I'm making for Monkey.  I still need to do the waistband, so no pics yet.

My favorite is the blue and white floral with the polka dot center.  That blue floral fabric is from when I was a flower girl at my sister's wedding...when I was three-years-old!

...practicing butterfly face painting.  Not very good.  I blame that partly on the inferior paints that I was using (I'm definitely upgrading before my next practice session), and partly on the girls who both were crying just as I was about to take the picture.  Monkey was even putting her face on her hands and laying on the ground, so she really got smeary.  Anyhow, it's just a starting point...I'll keep practicing.  If I get good enough by January then there will be butterfly facepainting at Chick's birthday party.

...making a shaved-crayon jack-o-lantern with my girls.  (Moose just wanted to eat the crayons).

...thrift store shopping.  Honestly, there will be thrift stores in heaven.
Anyhow, here's the whole haul from my most recent shopping trip.  A lot of it is gear for making gifts.  A lot of the ideas for the gifts came from the hours and hours that I've spent looking at things on pinterest.  I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest.  Love everything about it, hate that it has monopolized my time.

 {$57.  A little more than I usually spend.  That was with several things on sale for $1, and everything else 20% off.  1 sheet and 2 duvet covers, box of 1000 popsicle sticks, wax, spool of candlewick, 2 spools ribbon, 2 photo albums, 2 pairs of pants for Chick, new Gymboree tights for Monkey, tie for Moose, like new Espirit shoes for Chick, 2 kids books, clutch purse for me, shirt and bodyshaper for me, matchbox cars for Moose (for Christmas), Melissa & Doug tool box &a tool belt (+ extra tools) for Moose (for his birthday), duffle bag, build-a-birdfeeder kit, and a Haba Pic-pac set.} 

The highlights of all of that: 

red, white, & blue ribbon that will be perfect for Monkey's upcoming Madeline in Paris birthday party!!!! 

The clutch for me.  It's green.  I love green.  I don't like to carry a purse. I've been using a really cute little pouch that Lia made for me, but it's starting to look a little worn out.  Hopefully I'll come to love this clutch as I've loved the pouch.

The Pic-Pac.  I don't know what Pic-Pac means.  I assume that's all in German.  But I do know that at $1.60 and almost unused, all pieces included, it was a GREAT find on the night before teaching about construction workers.  In fact, I think this was everyone's favorite part of preschool that day.  Who doesn't like to hammer things?!

The tool box set.  Pretty cute, and looks quite complete. 
(would have also been good to use for construction day at preschool, but I resisted)

This yellow Ikea duvet cover.  I don't think you can really see the wonderfulness of it in this picture, but it really is wonderful. And it'll be PERFECT for the intended project...but I can't say what it is because I'm also doing the same project for someone who probably reads this blog.

...planning birthday parties.  Monkey's is next month, and Chick's is in January.  Madeline, and Rainbows & Butterflies.  Super fun.  I think party planning is one of the perks of motherhood.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't get on facebook so very much.  Imagine my surprise when I got onto Facebook for just a minute today and found this:

It was a close race, but after tallying up the votes from Facebook and our UDMA ...shows, this year's Design Your Dream WINNER is Paige from Reflections School of Dance! Her costume will be in our 2013 catalog and Reflections will get a class worth of the design for free! Congratulations Paige and Reflections School of Dance!
Seriously, I am so surprised.  The facebook votes were almost 100 down below the first place person, and I didn't like pestering people for votes, so I'd given up.  I hadn't taken into account that there would be voting at the UDMA show...where people who are actually looking to buy costumes would be voting...and who have no affiliation with a specific studio or contestant.
So exciting.  Thanks, if you voted.  Stay tuned next June, when you see pictures of my design dancing in the recital!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Another wedding reception this weekend...another nephew married to a great girl.

The reception was very elegant, and I liked the layout of the food table, but what I want to share from it is: the photobooth.  So incredible.  A real photobooth, and you could do it unlimited times, and then you can see the pictures online afterwards (in addition to the strips that they give you after you do the booth).

So here are some of my favorites.  Some because they're hilarious, and some because I love the people in them (and some that are great for both reasons).

Awww, so cute. 
They're getting married next month : )

parents of the groom

No relation...just funny

Sisters (and sister-in-law, if we're technical)

He said that Moose was uncooperative. 
I'd never have known.

The newlyweds from last month : )

I definitely wish that I'd done more.  If you are planning to get married soon and will have a photobooth at the reception, please invite me!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

reception recap

These are some pictures from my nephew's recent wedding reception...I totally LOVED the decor and wanted to document & share : )

They used goblets in different styles and colors, and cloth napkins in all different patterns, so each place setting was unique, but created a gorgeous effect.

Love the polka dot ties

Goldfish as centerpieces.  Brilliant.

Simple mason jars with candles mixed well with all of the hodge podge glassware

This picture shows how all of the tables look together--lots of color and whimsy : )
(And that's my Dad in the middle of it all)

Post-party napkins

My sister (Mother of the groom).  Don't drink the fish, Jude!

 And of course, the cute couple (being toasted by her brother)