Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't get on facebook so very much.  Imagine my surprise when I got onto Facebook for just a minute today and found this:

It was a close race, but after tallying up the votes from Facebook and our UDMA ...shows, this year's Design Your Dream WINNER is Paige from Reflections School of Dance! Her costume will be in our 2013 catalog and Reflections will get a class worth of the design for free! Congratulations Paige and Reflections School of Dance!
Seriously, I am so surprised.  The facebook votes were almost 100 down below the first place person, and I didn't like pestering people for votes, so I'd given up.  I hadn't taken into account that there would be voting at the UDMA show...where people who are actually looking to buy costumes would be voting...and who have no affiliation with a specific studio or contestant.
So exciting.  Thanks, if you voted.  Stay tuned next June, when you see pictures of my design dancing in the recital!!


Katie said...

That is so, so exciting!!! Congratulations, Paige!!!

Steph said...

That's awesome. Congratulations. You're super talented and your design was by far the best. :)