Sunday, November 14, 2010

drum roll, please...

And the winner of the Monkey Pics giveaway is:


So I'll be sending your little goody sometime this week. 
(I was kinda hoping you'd win, just so that I could send you the sweatshirt that your little cutie has probably outgrown by now....)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October Fest(s)

Not the Octoberfest, but here is an accounting for all of the Autumnal Festing that we did this year....
The Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
We went with Chick's preschool class.  Moose wasn't very happy, but otherwise it was fun.  Cold but pretty day.

I made spiders for Chick to take to preschool.  The bodies are peanut butter & honey candy with pretzel legs and raisin eyes.

Halloween Parties
Chick was BoPeep, Monkey was a sheep, and Moose was a wolf in sheep's clothing (enough animals there to really get confused, but I think I typed it right....). 

The first party was a carnival at our church, with trunk-or-treating in the parking lot.  Then the next week we went to my sister's church party, as well as the trick-or-treating in the historic downtown of her city.  The most exciting part about going to that was the costume contest.  The girls got to go up on the stage of the theater with all of the other kids, and then we WON!  First prize for ages 0-4 went to "The Bo Peep Family" (there were about 30 little kids)

My nephew won for the adults.  He deserved it--seriously awesome samurai costume made from Duct tape!

Looks like an ordinary costume, but completely homemade. 
Even the boots were cut and painted
(they were originally black rubber boots)

I disapprove of facepainting at Halloween parties
(usually conflicts with the costume, you know)
but Chick got the butterfly at the end.

Professor Trelawney, Divination.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monkey Pics

I've had a rough* week so far, but there have been some good moments. (*I initially wrote rough in all caps, but thought of all the people that I know who have REAL problems and hardships, and mine pale in I had to change it to lowercase.  So that's good news.)

One of the good moments yesterday: while Chick was at preschool I ran a couple of errands.  I finished early and didn't know what to do with the time (not really enough to go home), so I took advantage of the nice weather and the GORGEOUS leaves outside of our church and did a photoshoot with Monkey.  Moose stayed sleeping in the car (despite me turning up the music so that Monkey would be comfortable & dancy), so I got a few minutes with just Monk.  We both had a good time.

Here are the results:

Leave a comment telling me your favorite and I'll pick a winner and send a little goodie! (why, no, I'm not above bribing for comments)

UPDATE: I forgot, the end date will be Thursday, 11-11-10 (the date that Washington became a state).