Sunday, October 9, 2011


Another wedding reception this weekend...another nephew married to a great girl.

The reception was very elegant, and I liked the layout of the food table, but what I want to share from it is: the photobooth.  So incredible.  A real photobooth, and you could do it unlimited times, and then you can see the pictures online afterwards (in addition to the strips that they give you after you do the booth).

So here are some of my favorites.  Some because they're hilarious, and some because I love the people in them (and some that are great for both reasons).

Awww, so cute. 
They're getting married next month : )

parents of the groom

No relation...just funny

Sisters (and sister-in-law, if we're technical)

He said that Moose was uncooperative. 
I'd never have known.

The newlyweds from last month : )

I definitely wish that I'd done more.  If you are planning to get married soon and will have a photobooth at the reception, please invite me!


Bridget said...

Very cool. I saw a groupon or living social deal for a photo booth. I wondered who would ever do that. Now I know :o). Even at half price, it was still pricey for a party...but for a wedding...yeah, that'd be awesome.

Paige said...

The girls that were running the booth gave one strip to the guest, and put the other strip on a 8" scrapbook page, which the guest was then supposed to write. So that was their guest book. Plus it was their take-home favors (unless you count the little bubble wand...which I don't but my kids do). Pretty awesome on both accounts--as both the guest book and the favor.

But yeah, I saw that same groupon and thought the same thing. I'm singing a different tune now that I've seen it in action.