Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Chick

It is so much fun having this little Chick around...she keeps us on our toes for sure! It's funny to see the similarities between us & are two recent incidents.

Handsome Handyman is crazy for black olives. The other day I gave Chick a quesodilla that had some beans, black olives, cheese, and (of course) tortilla. Do you know what she did? She opened it up and just ate the black olives!

I am crazy for baths. Yesterday Chick was sitting on my lap at the computer and she was saying "Bat". I couldn't figure out what she was saying--she was signing too, but for some reason I couldn't understand the sign (I kept thinking she was signing "coat" but she wasn't saying coat). Finally I recognized the sign and realized that she was saying Bath for the first time. So I put her in a bath, and she played happily for probably an hour.

While we're on the subject of signing, I LOVE Signing Time! It has made our life so much easier...previously mentioned confusion aside, it's nice to know what this little Chick is thinking of things. Her spoken vocabulary is growing crazy fast each day lately (Last night she was repeating "Hey Dude" with HH), but her signed vocab is at least four times larger, so she's really able to communicate effectively.


nikko said...

Good for you for doing all the sign. We did a tiny bit of sign with P, and I've been starting some simple ones with baby M lately (eat, more, nurse-milk).

I agree it's very fun and interesting to see their little personalities develop and realize they're JUST LIKE YOU! Argh! Which is sometimes charming, and sometimes aggravating!

jeannie said...

I have a friend who also loves singing time! I have been meaning to get some of them for Luke, we have been trying to sign with him, but I think some videos really could be great!