Friday, October 17, 2008

What I've been up to

Hi. So this week I've been pretty lazy, really. But I have accomplished a couple of things. I've done extra cooking & baking to get ready for the baby. I made extra pear bread muffins, pizza crusts, pinto beans (some mashed for burritos, some left whole), and a casserole--all snuggly sitting in my freezer. Oh, the pinto beans aren't in the freezer yet. They will be though. I still have a lot of cooking ahead of me--I want to have a 1 month supply in the freezer, but I'm doing it a little each day (last pregnancy I did a TON in one day and was sore and exhausted at the end of the day).

Anyhow, besides that I've been learning a lot about couponing. I use coupons--like the 40% coupons for Michaels & JoAnns, or 20% off at Bed Bath & Beyond... but I have never used manufacturers coupons or learned about "stacking" coupons. I've spent (wasted?) a ton of time reading up about it on frugality blogs, etc. I hope to report lots of money saved in the future months : )

Aside from that stuff I've been totally lazy. Chick and I both have colds, so we've been slugs. Today I'm going to get my hair cut, because I get to have prego portraits taken soon! I'm really excited about that. The session is actually in payment for Handsome Handyman putting in a window at the photographer's house--sweet of him to choose a fun photo shoot for me rather than plain ol' money! She's given me the option of doing a logo design to use for print credits, too, so I may go that route. Anyhow, I didn't do professional pictures last pregnancy, so this is a fun new thing this time around!

Oh, and lastly, I had a midwife appointment on Monday. All is great thus far--my blood pressure is down, I've gained 25 pounds total, and I've not started dilating or anything (that's good, because my parents are on a cruise and I was paranoid about early labor). I'm at 35 weeks right now (give or take a week).


nikko said...

A month's worth of food? What part of that is lazy???

Take care of yourself and put your feet up, woman!

Paige said...

No, really. All I do is make a large amount of whatever I'm cooking. So for about an hour or so I'm productive...the rest of the day I sit around!