Sunday, October 5, 2008

Follow Up to "Why is your bumper in my tire?"

So last weekend's exciting run-in with the police didn't end as I thought it did.

Today Dave went and got the mail and there was a $1065 ticket for "Not yielding to an Emergency Vehicle."

So, if any of you local folks know of a good, honest, reasonable lawyer in the area that would handle this kind of thing, please let me know via email. We will definitely be contesting this.

Not the greatest weekend--especially when combined with our Jeep breaking down (leaving Dave stranded in the rain on a Friday night) and costing $1500 to fix, and all sorts of other "sand beneath the clamshell" things.

My prayer tonight might honestly be "Hope you know, I'm having a hard time." (See Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk in the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference).


Katie said...

Oh, no way! That stinks!! I hope you can get it cleared up!

Anonymous said...

You can contest the ticket.

nikko said...

Yeah, I would contest that one, too. Stinky.

I liked that conference talk, too. I will be thinking of you!!