Monday, October 6, 2008

A Temple in Rome, Italy!

I am so excited about the announcement that there is a temple being built in Rome! Italian members had to go to Switzerland to attend the temple, and in the case of a marriage they were married civilly first. Anyhow, they had (have?) a law that the police could search any building at any time--which meant that we wouldn't build a temple there due to the sacred nature of the temple. I'm not sure if the legislature has changed, or if there are members on the police force now? But at any rate, it's exciting.

I'm SO curious what it will look like. I know the church tends to use local materials and keep reasonably close to local architecture...but of course it can't look like it's just an extension of the Vatican! At any rate, it's just more incentive to take a trip to's been way too long.


jeannie said...

If I remember right, that's where you went on your mission? That's exciting!

The Higham Family said...

I thought of you when I first heard that! I figured you would be excited! Its way cool