Monday, October 20, 2008

A long post about my rollercoaster weekend

My Aunt took care of Chick while I got a haircut, which I like. Then we went to Walgreens, where I had my first experience with the Wonders of Walgreens and their rebate program. Unfortunately I forgot to take the "$5 off $25 purchase" coupon, so I had to return it the next day (more info on that later).
Then I went home and tried a new rice and beans bake recipe. It turned out pretty well, I think. It's from the Make a Mix cookbook. HH called it "zesty". I'm assuming that's good, since he wouldn't elaborate, but he did eat it.
Speaking of HH, he went to a Cashflow game night and left Chick and I here sick with colds. I was not happy about being left "alone" on a Friday night, but he did bring me a movie that I've been wanting to see. It was PS: I love you. Here's my review...

I really loved this movie, though I was weepy through pretty much the whole thing! I can't recommend it hands down, though, due to a lot of swearing & sexy stuff. It wasn't enough to make me not like it, though (Unlike Catch & Release, which had so little to redeem it that I would NEVER watch it again).

Started out great. We got to lay in bed and chat for a while before I rushed out the door to pick up my quilt from the quilter's! It's gorgeous...hopefully it'll be all done tomorrow and I'll post pictures. Then I ran a couple of grocery/shopping errands (Top Foods had a great price on Dole frozen juices), and rushed home (late) to swap childcare & car with HH who went to a scouts outing. While he was gone, Chick and I took naps on the living room floor and worked on laundry and tidying. He got home with tales of woe about the Jeep, which really has had a rough year & we're getting sick of it!
Then I made deviled eggs (a bit too salty, but they were gobbled up regardless), and got ready to go to my craft group. While I was getting ready the Chick didn't get to the potty in time, so she showed me a pile of pooh on the living room rug (as well as some in the potty). Somehow she managed to get some on herself too, so I stuck her in the bathtub, cleaned up the carpet, and hurried to get ready (by that time I was really late).
I rushed down to Walgreens, returned everything & rebought it with the coupon (they were REALLY nice and helpful about it) and bought some more. Then I went (very late) to craft group. That was definitely a highpoint for me that day--I got to sit and visit with the girls, eat yummy food, laugh, AND I got presents! They surprised me with a baby shower. It's great--chocolates for mama (I'm eating some now, as a matter of fact), a present for Big Sister Chick, and baby stuff--a rattle, some soft soft blankets, and an 8x8 album with baby themed papers, rub-ons, etc. I've never done 8x8, and had some misgivings about changing the size for the baby's book, but I'm excited to try something new & HH says as long as it's personalized it'll be great. Anyhow, it was really a fun evening, and I got to start on my quilt binding too. I got home and Chick was in bed, and HH and I cuddled in front of the tv until we were both dozing off.
I slept in, put dinner in the crock pot & made DELICIOUS (with secret ingredient) rice crispies to have for dessert. I took a long time getting ready (using some of my new free stuff from Walgreens!), and we went to church. Church was great except that I was having trouble staying awake. Thankfully Stacy shared some trailmix with me, which helped a lot.
We had signed up for the missionaries to come to dinner, but they cancelled, so we had a nice dinner and dessert AND a relaxing evening. The power went out for about an hour, but just as I was starting to light candles the power came back on.
I started working in earnest on my quilt binding, and HH and I got in a disagreement about financial tactics. It's an ongoing disagreement, and one that makes me really frustrated (we don't normally disagree about fundamental ideas), and it ended up with me feeling like he's going to just do what he wants to do anyhow (which is no way to be in a opinion is valid too, you know). So I sequestered myself in our room and worked on the quilt binding until almost midnight. I got 2.5 sides done, so I should be able to finish today.
Chick is fussy & I realized that I made a mistake when figuring out the Walgreens rebates (and have to take more stuff back), but we had a good breakfast, I've spent some "therapy" time online, and my Mom just called from their cruise--they're about to go ashore in Hawaii for the first time and they're having a great time : )
That's all. As in the words of Disney's Robin Hood, "sometimes the ups outnumber the downs"...I think that's the case for my weekend, but it's so much nicer when the ups really slaughter the downs.


nikko said...

Did you know that some of your text is in white? I had to highlight it all to see and read it.

Hey, I'm working on binding a quilt right now, too! Funny! I'm hoping to finish it up soon. Handsewing on binding is so boring.

What the heck is a Cashflow game?

Your crafty group sounds fun. I need me one of those.

Paige said...

Well I did some of the text in cream, but isn't the background green? On my screen there's no problem reading it.

The handsewing isn't the most fabulous job, but at least it doesn't take forever & I'm so excited to be so close to being done.

Cashflow is a financial game--it's a board game that's put out by Robert Kiyosaki (author of the Rich Dad books). It's really fun & informative.

Yes, craft group is often essential to my sanity :)

Our little family said...

You can share my trail mix anytime!!!