Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's my Lucky Day!

1023! So I really don't know why that's my "lucky number" and honestly I'm not convinced that it IS lucky. Thus far the only really lucky thing that's happened is that Chick slept in almost an extra hour. That meant that I got to sleep in until I woke MYSELF up! And that gave me enough energy to tackle the dishes that have been mounting up!

But really, that's all. And in the history of 1023 being my lucky number the most memorable "lucky" thing was in 1997...Provo, UT...the guy that I had a crush on asked me out on October 23rd. But actually, it wasn't really was all due to my great friend NIKKO, who was his SIL and coerced him into a double date. Well, whatever works.


nikko said...

LOL. How funny that you remember what day you went on certain dates.

We're visiting them next weekend. Want me to say hi? ;o)

Paige said...

I only remember because it was on my "lucky day" and it was just before my mission.

Sure, say hi! LMK if he remembers me. Also say hi to your SIL that married S. She's the one that I met in the MTC. As Becky would say, the mormon world is TOO DARN SMALL!

I have a good life said...

How funny. It is my sister's birthday and her favorite number of all time! She'd love that iwas yours too.