Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They start so young, don't they?!

Chick isn't even 2, and already she knows the tricks. If we even SAY the words bedtime or naptime, or try to buckle her into the car when she doesn't want to go...what does she do? She signs and says "Potty!" Of course, once we get her to the potty she doesn't want to sit on it & doesn't have to go. And lately she's started signing "drink" FRANTICALLY when I say that it's naptime. Anything to stall. Is it just in the programming that they know to do it so young?!
Speaking of my Chick, she's going to be a sheep for Halloween (I have yet to make the costume). But I was thinking that maybe she should be Ophelia Frump (Morticia's sister from the Addam's family).... except that she says "baa" so cutely!

In my last post I mentioned that one thing I like about autumn is the apples on the tree in the yard. Here's a picture of part of the tree.

Last night was my midwife appointment. We're to the "every week" part, which is just crazy. I have about a month left still, but that's really not very long. But anyhow, everything was good, but the baby seems to be measuring a little small. I don't know how the measurements were with my last pregnancy, but it's unsettling to me to have anything seem amiss. The measurements aren't off by enough to require an ultrasound yet, but still....
Speaking of pregnancy, last night I used the free Redbox code (a new code every Monday--check in the frugality posts to the right to find the code) and got Baby Mama. I've got to say that it was a pretty funny movie. I thought it would either be too stupid or have too much yucky stuff in it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It did have swearing and anatomy stuff (really, how could you have a movie about pregnancy and not?) but it was cleaner than it could have been, and had a nice ending. Very cute.

And lastly, yesterday I made 3 pans of chicken enchiladas--one for eating this week, and two for freezing. So now I have 11 meals ready + beans & tortillas + muffins. I was going to make the tortillas yesterday, but decided to get real & just bought the mega pack from Cash & Carry. I only used half for the enchiladas, so now we have a good stash in the freezer.

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nikko said...

Yeah, when my K was younger, whenever there was even the remotest possibility that he was getting in trouble, he'd start with Ow ow ow! And start crying like he was hurt. Of course we'd stop the disciplining and gush "oh, sweetie, what's wrong?! Are you hurt?". Didn't take us too long to figure that one out. LOL.

I always always measure big, but then I have huge babies. Hopefully everything is fine!

You are really hitting the nesting thing with all these freezer meals. Wow.