Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Week in Review

This past week I had Layout, Pregnancy (feeling it for the first time, really....), Yuen Lui pics, Quarterly Activity, Talks (went well), and Valentine's Day.
Here are some pictures.
Making watercolor, laced valentines. I didn't get a picture of the end product, but here are pics of the process & here's the blog that had the idea in the first place....
I started several projects...cute valentine ideas that I rationalized could be used as decorations at the primary activity yesterday. One or two got finished, but mostly I just have to clean up half-done projects now. Here's a picture of one that's half done (here's what it looks like finished), and here's a link to another that's cut out but not glued & assembled.

Some projects had to get done. These coloring booklets were for my station at the activity. I also did a slideshow. The slideshow had a few things that needed tweaking, but it was still was my first time doing a slideshow, so it was good to figure out how to do it (because I have to do another one later this year).
Door signs for the primary activity.This is one project that did get done, but I'm not thrilled with it. It's a hybrid of THIS project and THIS project, and somehow it just didn't turn out that cute. But it does brighted a doorway, so maybe I'll stash them for next V-day.... or maybe I'll retire them. I'm undecided.
So we don't really do anything for Valentine's Day. Once in a while we go out to dinner, but it's always a low-key thing. Sometimes cards, that's about it. But because "I'm in charge of celebrations" and the girls are old enough to be excited by special holiday decor, I do put up some decorations and I do fix special foods.
This V-day we had heart-shaped scones & red (but really ended up purple) smoothies for breakfast, and red heart-shaped jigglers with heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (healthy, I know. We also had carrot sticks, but that doesn't redeem the meal in the least. All I can say is it was EASY. AND THAT WAS ALL I CARED ABOUT!) Anyhow, for dessert we had heart-shaped pudding pie, which wasn't all that great & I'll probably be throwing away 1/2 of it.
The breakfast was the best part--the food was good, and it felt really special and valentines-y.

So that's my week. Honestly, I'm glad it's over. This week has nothing but visiting family and friends, a birthday party, and a midwife appt. Nice and relaxed. Maybe I'll even find time to finish the blasted projects that I started this past week. bah.


S.Ann said...

My Goodness, I wonder which ancestor's creative gene my children received. I'm ever amazed. I made your Dad plain old chocolate chip cookies and gave him a valentineish suduko book. For dinner we had leftovers. Personally I love the looks of those pink hanging hearts but I take one look and say...too much work!

che carina! said...

ciao sorella!!!!...sorry it's taken me soooo long to get in contact with you. when i tried to reach you on facebook this week you had gone??..not sure what happened there. i'll send another friend request soon. i'm so glad that you keep a blog too. and your family is gorgeous. you're such a natural what you do for your kids and home. looking forward to reading more of your posts. ci sentiamo!! baci.