Monday, February 8, 2010

In which I confess all

I'm grumpy. I've been feeling "off" all weekend--maybe a little under the weather? Tired, cold at times, and generally BLECH. At church yesterday I felt like I couldn't keep two coherent thoughts together enough to function. Today I keep warning Chick that I'm grumpy, in hopes of her not annoying me.

She doesn't stand a chance, though...everyone is annoying me. I am annoying me.

I wish I could just go back to bed, but I am too busy procrastinating layout, which will continue until Friday. Plus this weekend is a primary quarterly activity (I need to get my station's activity ready, as well as put together a slideshow of the kids & pictures of Christ). And Sunday--is Valentine's day, of course (Chick needs help finishing her Valentine's for her preschool party tomorrow....), and we've been asked to give talks at church.

I'm now 6 months pregnant, and STILL have YET to take a picture of this belly (I actually got "I think you're having triplets!" comment yesterday. Come on, I'm NOT that big). I can't complain about the pregnancy. But I can complain that it's going too fast & I am too busy looking up Valentine's day garlands & reading felting project books to do the things that need to get done (like Monkey's scrapbook, which is barely started, or like Chick's quilt).But on a happier note: it looks like the sun is coming out. And I'm very proud to report that my New Year's Resolutions are going great.
  • Flylady has made my home presentable, at least, and it keeps getting better & better.
  • I've put money into my savings acct as planned (even a little extra!) & I also overpaid my credit card last week.
  • We've been a little spotty with FHE, but generally it's gone well.
  • We had guests over a few times last month. I was going to have a little V-day get together on Sunday, but now we're giving talks and I don't want to be stressed out.
  • I've been following my dinner menu almost every day, and it's such a relief to not have 5:30 roll around & everyone is hungry & looking for dinner & I don't know what I'm going to fix.
  • The only two things that aren't getting done yet: logging onto sparkpeople...I did a few days. And the kitchen isn't remodelled yet, but that's a year-long goal...I had no intention of getting it done in January.
Also on a happy note: I think my kids are darling & I still like my husband. : )
Oh, and thanks to my new microfiber cloths there are less "unremovable stains" in the kitchen.
And thanks to craigslist & people wanting free stuff, the tool room is getting closer to becoming a bedroom for Chick.


Katie said...

Wow! You have a busy week! I was feeling pretty blech last week too. :( Still not 100%, but better. I've been really trying to make sure I read my scriptures every day, and that helps. We do need to work on having more regular FHE's, though. Sometimes Sam gets home so late that we just don't get around to it, but I think I need to do it with the girls anyway. The need the consistency (as do I!).

Simply Simmons said...'re pregnant. You're expected to be grumpy!! I say do whatever you want.