Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Opinions needed

I'm trying to FINALLY get picture frames hung on the blank wall opposite my bed. Frames will all be black, some with white matting, possibly one (in the last picture below) with red canvas rather than matting. The largest picture (in the aforementioned & belowpictured frame) will be of HH and me. Not sure about the others...but I want it to be about us, so maybe a wedding picture or two, etc.

Anyhow, what do you think of this layout?ps--I bought the closet doors today! Yup, after a year and a half, we are finally getting closet doors up! Of course, they have to be painted & get the hardware put in...so it'll probably be another 1/2 year before they are REALLY up.....

pps--I'm a slightly penitent wife: Yesterday HH went to work when he was still sick. That is where he redeems himself...he RARELY misses work.


Katie said...

I think it looks good except the horizontal picture below the big picture needs to be moved up just a touch so that the top of the frame and the other small vertical one next to it are even.

HH must get that work ethic from my dad. I don't remember him hardly ever staying home either. Me, on the other hand, would find any excuse to get out of work, hahaha

Annalia Romero said...

I think your layout looks great - and you're going to LOVE having closet doors. ...I'm sure it'll look twice as clean and organized!