Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cruise: Princess Cays & Onboard

So. The cruise is beginning to be a distant memory...I need to hurry and finish blogging about it!

Princess Cays was a private beach that we went to on Friday. Due to worrisome weather, we had to head back to the boat early. It was beautiful there, but we didn't actually DO anything--we walked around a bit, to see what there was. Then we settled into some chairs in the shade and HH napped while I read (The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society).

There were two formal nights, for the days when we didn't go to port. I am always excited to see HH in a tux (isn't he handsome?!), and it was so nice to be able to take as long as I wanted to get ready & not have snot on my shoulder from little people before I even got out the door.

(HH striking a pose & looking dashing)

I can't even think what I did onboard. Of course there's plenty of eating. Sometimes there was game playing & a game of mini-golf. We went to a couple of comedian shows & a few musical performances. HH played BINGO, as did several family members (My BIL won the jackpot on the last day--$2,000!). Some of my siblings were in a Water Olympics game (and some of them won). We got to see my SIL PRETEND to be hypnotized...the picture is her (in yellow) pretending to be a vacuum. We really aren't sure who, if any, were REALLY hypnotized, but it was funny nonetheless.
HH is a wanderer, so we explored some. I went to a detox seminar, and took a nap here and there, and read a little, and just relaxed.

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S.Ann said...

That was a nice memory revisited. I've spent so much time with a semi invalid and then the internet with the Haiti situation, that that was a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Mom