Monday, February 1, 2010

Party Pics

First they decorated their party hats with Hello Kitty Stickers...Then they posed for a picture with their hats and blowers. We played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty, and after the party the background became a placemat.
We also played Hot Potato & a toss game.
During a free-for-all playtime, Chick went back to add more stickers to her hat. She had them all lined up in a row.
Chick with her cake and crown.This is one of my favorite pictures from the party. Ahh, peaceful eating.
They were all really excited for the cake & ice cream.Monkey was downstairs with HH for a lot of the party, but got to try on a hat. Chick opened lots of fun presents. Some coloring of Hello Kitty pictures, and the party was over.Chick played with her new toys for a long time.Saturday night my brother & his family came for dinner & games.
The next day, Sunday, we had church in the morning (I did a game of Memory for sharing time in Primary). Then my parents joined us for dinner, and my aunt came for dessert & presents.
Monkey tested out Chick's new microphone...
and sat on Grandpa's lap : )

HH helped Chick with blowing out the candles.

Sunday night I took down all the decorations. Streamers were super easy to roll up and store. The pom-poms were pretty easy too--they take up NO space when folded back up, and will be totally reusable : ) The house did look a little austere with no streamers and explosions of color, but we're getting used to it again.


Annalia Romero said...

OH, that cake was so cute! What a lucky little 3-year-old!

Katie said...

so fun! love the bright colors!

nikko said...

What a great party planner you are!

Happy Birthday, Chick!

Rachel DeFreese said...

Such a cute party! I bet Arizona loved it all. I have been feeling a small homesick pull the past few days, so seeing these pictures makes me want to move back to Washington. The rain out here makes me miss Washington too...go figure!