Monday, March 2, 2009

A Special Kind of Magic and other Random Thoughts

Babies are just so magical. I could sit and snuggle and coo back to Babe for hours. I could get high from the smell of her head.

Chick is pretty magical too. A couple of months ago (end of December) Chick started to say family prayers (meaning that she would repeat what I told her to say). At the time she could only repeat back one word at a time. Last night she said the prayer and was repeating whole phrases. "Tay-tu" is thank you said quickly.

Right now she's "Tuck tuck. Tuck tuck. tuck tuck"-ing her baby into a play baby carrier. Actually, I think it's Babe's little rattle baby this time. Tchaikovski is playing in the background, but Chick is singing something wholly unrelated.

The picture above cracks me up: shirt with panties and play socks with pink Sunday shoes, and a nervous looking Babe at Chick's mercy!

My aunt is cleaning out her storage unit and brought over these two crates full of fabric for me! It makes me happy every time I look at them! I'll be putting some of the fabrics to good use this week, working on a giveaway item or two. I wish I could put pictures on of what I've been working on, but that would ruin the surprise. But Heather's is done, Mom's is almost done, Sarah's is started, and Nikko's & Katie's are still just ideas on paper. All are things that I've never made before, so it's been fun to learn some new projects!

Speaking of ideas on paper, I stayed up until midnight last night sketching out Chick's Easter gift: a homemade quiet book. It's going to be awesome, if I can execute as well as I can dream. It's my main craft project for March...I hope to get it all cut out before layout starts on Thursday. That and the copycat dress that I want to make for Chick's Easter dress.

Do you know what's worse than having a bad headache? Having it seep into your dreams so that you have a headache in your dream. bah.

HH screwed up his back on Saturday while doing a side job for friends. He's been hobbling around like an old man ever since. Poor Handsome Handyman....

I stopped in a the thrift store on Saturday to look for something that I needed for part of a project (it was there, new & for a great price!). I also found 5 yards of black fabric for also a great price (that was on my list to get at JoAnns), and a great little wooden abacus for Chick that only cost 69 cents! I've been looking for one of those online! Oh, and a roll of sheet crafting plastic for a dollar.

I'm still on the lookout for a girls coat pattern.... And a bookshelf like this one, so that we don't have to make it ourselves (do you know how many stinking projects we have lined up?!)

Lastly, and totally unrelated to anything--here is a picture of the Emmeline apron from Sew Liberated. I am so in love with this apron!


nikko said...

Okay. I am in love with/searching for a similar book shelf. I want one that is wall mounted so it doesn't take up floor space, and a fabric sling-type one like that picture, or there is an all wood one in the pottery barn kids catalog that's like $120. (cough-cough!).

Do you have plans/pattern for that one?

Annalia Romero said...

Love the apron and the skep from your quiet book.
I think you're brave for making new/untried things for each of your five people! All (sadly only three) of my people are getting things I've made a million times already.
I guess that shows that I'm in the mood to sew, but not to think.

Paige said...

No, Nikko, we don't have a pattern. HH is a carpenter, and since this looks pretty straightforward we'll just wing it.

Yes, Lia, I may not be the most proficient seamstress, but I am a brave one! However, not all of my giveaway items are sewn...but that's all I'll say!

Leslie Barton said...

You are so creative! I am going to go through some patterns (some from the 60s and 70s for children and adults and send them to you. Send me your address ( I was going to give them to D. I. but you definitely can and probably will us them. Love, Aunt Leslie

Anonymous said...

ok I love this apron too....maybe when you have a free moment you could just whip one up for me....:) You know I couldnt do it....I'll keep dreamin....Polly