Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thrifty Thursday, Finished Project Friday...

I've seen "theme" days, and thought I'd try to live up to them. First of all, on Thursday I finished layout a day early & celebrated by GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE and going to the fabric store & thrift store : )

This picture is from during layout...HH with the girls while I worked at the computer. He really is an awesome dad, and I'm glad that I was able to catch this picture, because he doesn't cooperate most of the time.

The fabric store was uneventful--felt & misc for the quiet book & other sundry projects.

The thrift store was nothing short of MAGICAL, though. I pretty much decided (when I decided to take a snotty 2-yr-old shopping) that I was going to go ALL OUT. That said, I didn't expect to use the "$10 off $30 or $25 off $50" coupon that I took. I did, though. I found lots of yellow tags (50% off), so I already was getting some good deals, but then I had so much that I spent just over $50, and got to take $25 off! So it ended up that I spent $27 and got TONS of great deals. 3 of the items were clothing items for me that didn't fit (a whole other story that I DON'T want to discuss) so on Monday I'll take them back and get to respend $10. Not everything is pictured here, but I got several sewing notions, a green jersey sheet and a velvet curtain to use as fabric, GARDEN BOOTS for me (I've been yearning for some for a while now & they're just in time for garden season!), and the most fabulous watering can Elephant (Also something that I've been trying to find for Chick to use in her little garden, and this one is so awesome & funky! and was only 50 cents!!).

I also got several packages of buttons to cover, so that I can copy Sarah and her friend in this adorable project.Chick got 2 outfits, since she's grown out of more clothes lately than she's grown into...jeans & this super cute (and appropriate) t-shirt, and a white tee & beige cords.

Speaking of Chick--she whined (snot nosed & bleary eyed) for most of the time at the thrift store, and I really felt bad for taking her out. Especially when she kept wailing, "Ready a go. Ready a go!" It was totally selfish of me.

Then, since I start more than I finish, I liked the idea of "Finished Project Friday" and took the challenge. I finished the soda bottle birdfeeder (HH says I also started it, but I say if the bottle has sat around in the kitchen for a week then it was STARTED already). I also finished some recycled denim rice bags (which do double duty--not only are they a finished project by making toe warmers, but also it's one less pair of jeans for me to mend for HH!). And lastly, since it was gorgeous outside, I did a little yardwork. It was a great day overall.


Annalia Romero said...

did you make chick's quilt? do you know how to quilt? I really want to learn!

Katie said...

I can't believe all the great deals you are finding at the thrift stores! I followed your lead and finally went to the Salvatino Army. Unfortunately they didn't have anything worth mentioning. Well, actually, now that I think about it, they had a large selection of baskets so maybe I can find a cute Easter basket for the girls. They also had shelves of toys, so maybe they would have something good for the 2 birthdays coming up. I'll have to go again sometime soon.

(LOVE the shirt you got for chick!!!)

nikko said...

A magical thrift store trip, huh? Wow. I love finding sewing notions at thrift stores. Last time I got a bunch of vintage ric rack and some of those pearl snaps (like on a western shirt). I love your garden boots!