Monday, March 23, 2009

And the green grass grows all around

I'm writing, not packing.

I'll get to it in a minute. We're leaving for a trip to Utah at midnight (Travis, Dave's friend and ex-roommate, is getting married). I've picked out the girls' clothes, and some goodies (I made granola bars & selected a few magazines from my ever growing pile of reading material). Still have a lot left to do, though.

On Thursday I made a little change purse for my aunt's birthday. She collects them, so this one is homemade & has pictures of the girls. Chick calls her Nana (the two Grandma's are called Grandma, but my aunt is an honorary grandma, so the name is fitting). Anyhow, not the greatest photos.

On Friday I used some scrap material & ribbon and made the Lazy day skirt from Oliver+S. Here it is. I totally think it's the cutest...I'll be making more for sure--especially since Chick is growing out of her clothes & skirts are especially great for summer. I improvised the pocket & lining. The top fabric is because I fell in love with a scrap of fabric that wasn't actually big enough. (She's licking her lips because I bribed her to do the picture by giving her lip gloss...which obviously backfired on me. Doggie slippers from thrift store--new Childrens Place, for $3, I think).

Anyhow, this weekend we borrowed a rototiller (thanks M&J) and worked on our garden. The seeds that I started indoors are starting to go a little crazy, and I don't know what to do since we're leaving for a few days and I won't get to tending them today.... Anyhow, at least part of the garden will be raised beds. We're using wooden crates that HH picks up from the scrap pile at work--they are shipping crates for airplane/helicopter parts, and I'd guess it's about 4x6? I got the first one in on Saturday. We probably don't have enough soil to do all raised beds this year, but I'll put at least one more in. No pics yet.

I totally overdid it on Saturday with the gardening, because I was sick and all of that hard work didn't help. Sunday I stayed home from church with Babe and we slept a lot : )

Uh, so I saw a link on Nikko's blog for the Wardrobe ReFashion blog, and I'm thinking of taking the pledge. I saw this skirt at the thrift store the other day & am going to make it into two summer dresses. I love the fabric. Stay tuned.

Ok, now I'm really going to go pack. Talk to ya'll in a few days.

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