Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The journey of 1,950 miles begins...

in the middle of the night so that the little girlies sleep for more of the trip.

(Chick loved these bears that were at one of the bathroom stops)

The trip to Utah was fun. The ride was good, actually! Chick and Babe were good little troopers--HH had to hold Babe's hand & drive one-handed, but whatever works, right?!

We spent Tuesday night at a resort in Eden. Everything was clear when we drove in (the view was spectacular--contrary to many of my previous notions of UT, it really has it's own beauty). The next morning, however, the heavens were dumping snow on us & there was about a 6" covering on everything. In the picture: the white expanse at the top is actually a mountain that wasn't all that far away....
On Wednesday we bummed around a bit and then headed to American Fork to stay with my brother's family (he has 6 kids). That was fun-- Chick had a playmate and Babe had a babysitter (though they don't babysit there, they TEND). It was nice to see my brother's family...I haven't been to that part of UT for about 11 years, so visits are rare.
On Thursday we went up to SLC for the actual wedding, and my SIL Stef tended the girls. That was really nice, since otherwise I would have had to miss the wedding to stay outside with them. It was beautiful and very exciting to see them get married. Later that day we went to the luncheon. We weren't planning to go to the reception there, but ended up staying to decorate their car (Travis and HH decorated many cars together & evidently Travis was a master at it...).

When we got back to my brother's house we got to visit with my nieces (Rachel & Megan/James/Koby who live in the area. We all stayed up talking until 1:30. It was really fun, and I'm glad that we got to do it on such a whirlwind trip.

Friday we drove back home. The ride home was a bit rougher than going down (the girls were tired of the car), but still pretty good.

A little rest on Saturday, and we headed back down south to the Washington reception. That was really fun for HH, since he got to see all sorts of old friends & celebrate the marriage of the final single friend. I was a little bit lame about forgetting my camera (even in UT when I had it I forgot to use it much), but go to Erin's blog to see pics and get more details. She did the WA cakes and they were awesome.

That reception is a bit of a bad memory for me, though, because at the end when there were just a few people left cleaning up Chick got ahold of the cake topper from their first reception--a glass sculpture of the SLC temple--and it got broken. So that was horrible & embarrassing and all that (not to mention expensive, since we are replacing it). Thankfully people have been nice about it and didn't make me feel like a horrible parent for letting it happen (so if that's what you are thinking then DON'T leave a comment, because I feel bad enough already).

Anyhow, the trip was fun. I liked spending time with HH around--that's always my favorite part of vacation. I even thought that Idaho was lovely, which has never happened before : ) We have a beautiful Earth.

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Annalia Romero said...

Sounds busy, but it's nice to see friends and family. At least the topper got broken towards the end of the reception. Could've been worse. :)