Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everyone gets their day in court

The ticket debacle is finally over! (If you're new to the story, read here and here).

Today we went to court and after waiting for a couple of hours (we were the very last case), we met with the prosecuting official & our attorney. After telling our side of the story to the prosecutor, she decided that we were right--we didn't warrant a $1000+ ticket for "not yielding to an emergency vehicle." They dropped it to a faulty headlight charge. The attorney tried to get the judge to lower the fee, but the judge was a stickler (which we saw as we watched him take care of all the cases before us), and left the fee as it was.

On the way home I rented Twilight (FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!!!) to celebrate. HH is working late to make up for not working this morning. I'm going to watch the movie and eat crunchy popcorn to displace some stress. Maybe I'll stare out the window at the freakish SNOW for a while.

Special thanks to Meghan, who was going to watch Chick today (until Chick woke up and puked).

And special thanks to M&D N, who were willing to drive an hour to come stay with a sick Chick.

And finally a special thanks to Grandpa J, who was a great babysitter for both girls & who must have been great with Chick because she was yelling "Bye bye, I yuv you" out the window as he was driving away.

Ticket fee: $124
Attorney fee: $450
Relief that at least it's all over and done: Priceless


Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

I'm glad that it all worked out!!

Annalia Romero said...

Well, that is less than a thousand dollars, so that's good...and at least it's OVER. I guess they really get you on the attorney fee.
...and you got to rent Twilight! :)