Monday, April 20, 2009

Tales from the Weekend

On Friday HH and I both spent time working outside in the yard. The sugar snap peas are planted, and the little lupine sprouts are planted, and the garden looks a little better. And the birds are finally using the feeder (that, of course, has nothing to do with our efforts).

On Saturday I went to run some errands before a birthday party & a craft group meeting. Unfortunately I only made it about a mile and a half before the jeep transmission stopped working. When HH came to rescue me I found out that I'd been leaking transmission fluid the whole way. So errands didn't get done & I missed the party (the bizarre part is that the jeep broke down last year just in time for the same birthday boy's's not like it's always breaking down, so the coincidence is weird). I was able to carpool down to the craft group, and these are the brownie cakes that I took (the group name is Dragonflies). I just circle cut the brownies (from this recipe), did a chocolate glaze & did the starburst dragonflies from the decorated cookie blog (where I also got instructions for the Easter cookies).
Luckily the transmission wasn't toast, it seems that there was a leak in a something-or-other, and HH (who is, of course, very handy) was able to fix it reasonably well. It still needs to go in for a check, but in the meantime it's driveable. So we were able to go up to church with my sister L & her family (my great-nephew was blessed--last week was O's blessing & this week was K's). Anyhow, afterwards was a potluck, and here are some pictures.
My sister L has 4 grandsons, so there was no end to little boys for my girls to play with. Aren't they cute?! Little E, on the far left, is 8 months and I think he's just so DARLING with his glasses! They were all well behaved, too, which is always nice.

Yes, chick, this is what little boys play with. Good thing that my neice M is playing too--she's baby K's mama so she needs to get used to little boys.Babe with cousin Andrew...he was jealous of her toys, and was probably getting her to say Matt Damon, but he's probably going to have to wait a while....Today I'm watching a friend's little girl. Chick and T are less than a month apart, and both love ring-around-the-rosy.


Katie said...

Fun times! I love the dragonfly brownies! How cool! Your girls are so cute, as alwasy!

Annalia Romero said...

nice brownies!

Sindea Horste said...

I am so glad you were able to join us with your super awesome brownies! And you know I love me some dragonfly! Awesome!