Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh so sad! *Updated*

So I'm totally distraught. Biggest Loser just finished for the week, and KRISTIN is out. She and Sione were my favorites and they are both gone now. So so sad.

I don't even really care who wins if it's not Kristin. All I can say is NOT MIKE. jerk. cocky, selfish, jerk.

**Update: We had a lot of distractions last night, so I didn't realize how much a part Ron (yes Erin, EVIL EVIL RON!) played in Mike's decision. Honestly, I didn't trust him before, but I didn't realize that he was so out and out terrible. I was just watching online when the two of them were talking & I can barely stomach the thought of him. Talk about the "letter of the law"...sure he didn't write down Kristin's name, but he designed her elimination nontheless.

I'm still ticked that Mike decided as he did. However, he's not COMPLETELY a selfish jerk...he did give his year of groceries to Aubrey, etc.


Simply Simmons said...

Oh Sister, I couldn't agree with you more. NO MIKE and his evil dad too!!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Bummer. I actually haven't been following it, but I like the idea of the show. Seems cool. I need a biggest loser for these last few pounds I'm trying to shed!