Thursday, April 30, 2009

Way down in their nest, the little birds rest

(These last two posts are out of order according to the song...If I'd known that I was going to get to post this, I'd definitely have done them in order).

So all last week naptime was a struggle. Chick would play in her room for hours, not sleep, and be tired and difficult in the evening. I took out all toys and books, I gated her closet & tied shut the baby's wardrobe, I adjusted the crib to be unclimbable (I thought), I threatened & disciplined.

All to no avail. Even with her taking "quiet time" in her room I still didn't get to rest because Babe's schedule was off by enough to mean that I didn't get much time alone. So I was tired and difficult in the evening too.

Miraculously, yesterday and today BOTH GIRLS napped with NO fussing or drama for 2.5-3 hours AT THE SAME TIME. It's how things are supposed to be, my friends, and it makes for one happy mama.

So yesterday I took a long bath and read magazines while I was in there (to declutter my magazine pile which is getting too high). Then I painted my toenails & groomed my eyebrows : )

Today I worked in the yard--this and that, and spray painted some garden things since I didn't want the girls to be anywhere near the fumes.

Happy happy.

No pictures to go with this...I considered taking a picture of my foot, but really, even with painted nails I don't have pretty feet.

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nikko said...

Ah, yes... When both kids nap at the same time all is right in the world. I try so hard to make sure it happens, but now my three year old is deciding he's too big for naps. :o(