Sunday, March 8, 2009

Outraged mad ranting

So I know I wrote about the new lead law before. I still don't know the exact ramifications, but I've learned a little more about possibilities.

Not only will it have an impact on small homemade toy makers, thrift stores (which as you know are my favorite places to shop), but also LIBRARIES!

I really am having trouble believing it...who would write such a ridiculous law?! So libraries are actually kind of in limbo, but there's a chance that if they don't test their books then they will have to either remove all children's books published prior to 1985, or ban children. Ok, some kids do eat books, but they aren't supposed to be eaten! That's kind of parental negligence and in against library policies anyhow.

Some thrift stores have already pulled children's toys from the shelves. Here are some other links: here, and here. There are a lot more articles, of course, so I'd encourage you to look into it yourself. Tomorrow I plan to call a local thrift store and our library to see what they know about it.

I feel very uninformed on the whole issue, and I'm actually a little conflicted. I think that we're a little too sheltering of our children in the wrong ways (read this posting from Sew Liberated--the comments are all very interesting too) and people need to calm down a bit. But at the same time, I'm distrustful of most things that are new to our culture--and if thrift stores switch to selling 100% natural fabrics, is that really so bad? Life was probably better in some ways before plastic dishes and polyester clothing....

Here are some interesting links about over-protecting kids: here, and here.

Anyhow, as always, I am interested to hear what your thoughts are. Like I said, I feel uninformed, and would like to hear more opinions and facts before I write a bunch of letters to my congressmen!

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