Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Confessions of a Thrift Store Shopaholic

The other night I actually dreamt that I was thrift store shopping. Because of the lead laws, they were liquidating their children's section, so the various colored labels were % off...like red tags were 20% off, blue were 50%, etc. Anyhow, I bought a ton of grow into stuff in the dream.
I went to the thrift stores 3 times last week--once with my Mom, once on a walk, and once just to use a coupon! Here's the loot. (Total spent: $50). BTW, I don't normally go that often.

$22 spent, a pair of beaded baby slippers not shown. the best buy is the coat. It's new & warm & has a detachable hood & scarf ($4.75)

$8 spent, one children's book not shown. Best buy is the Robeez booties-- $2, brand new with the tissue paper still inside of them.

$20 spent. A couple of the items weren't really what I was buying, but they were in bags with what I wanted. I guess the best buy is the foam puzzle. Chick loves puzzles & since buying this puzzle we've discovered that she can count to 10 on her own. We didn't know that. I don't think she can identify all of the numbers yet, though.

Here is a bracelet that I made for Babe, to go with her blessing dress. I was told that it's too fancy for a baby...what do you think? The dress isn't fancy--it has a vintage feel (you can see part of it in the picture...it's not done yet though). Do you think they'll be too mismatched?


Katie said...

Wow, you sure know how to find the deals!! You'll have to take me shopping this summer and show me your tricks!! I think the bracelet is beautiful. Don't worry about what other people think. :) It's for a special occasion. Every girl needs some bling for a special occasion. :)

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

The braclet is perfect! I'm a thrift-storer, too. How else to get a cupcake holder for $1.99 still in the box?

nikko said...

Cute stuff. I can't believe you found Robeez new in the package for $2. That's crazy.

Patterns are always dirt cheap at the thrift store I go to -- like 29 cents. Speaking of patterns, I think I have that fleece scarf and hat one!

nikko said...

Oh, and I really like the bracelet. I think it's really pretty and I can't wait to see the whole ensemble.