Tuesday, January 13, 2009

70! That's so "Mother Hubbard"!

Today is my Mom's 70th birthday! This weekend we had a party. It was lots of fun. Mom knew that we were having one, but my brother (E) & his wife came up from New Mexico as a surprise, as well as all of her siblings (2 from WA, 2 from NV).

I tried my hand at making a fruit bouquet for her...pretty fun, and I think it will be easier if I ever do it again (I looked tips up online and then disregarded them too much).

My brother (M, who is very clever) made this crossword puzzle for my Mom. She loves doing crosswords (Hence the post title) and watching Jeopardy. Below is also a picture of my sister (L) hosting a Jeopardy game that we played at the party (it was all about my Mom). (Another sister -J- coordinated and hosted the party, and the cake in the top picture was made by another sister -M. I have very talented siblings.)

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

(And Rob. Sorry, Rob, you kind of get the shaft in this posting).


Tanaya said...

Happy Birthday Paige's Momma!

IT looks like such a nice party. Your mum is adorable!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

I think the fruit bouquet looks totally delicious! I want to eat it now! Your mom looks so good! How could she be 70?

nikko said...

Your mom is such a sweetheart. Be sure to tell her hi for me next time you talk to her.

I love the family picture on your sidebar. Cute!