Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What we're up to...

As I type, the February issue of Siena Style is uploading to the printer, and I am soooo close to being done with layout for the month. I really do enjoy it, but I also enjoy the first few days of freedom after I'm done & can do whatever I want with my time (as long as what I want to do with my time is change diapers, put away clothes that were put away & have since been strewn around the house, etc.....). Anyhow, I digress. Here is the cover for the month.

So what have we been up to besides that? Chick has been developing her nurturing skills. She's actually really good for an almost 2 year old...I've been able to ask her to help more and know that she's not going to do anything too heinous to Babe. Anyhow, here is Chick's handywork with bear. I should mention that it's BEAR that she nurtures--not her new baby doll so much, and not even HER bears, but MINE. Stinker.

Babe is such a good little one! She sleeps a ton, eats well, and is smily & cute the rest of the time. Here she is during tummy time.

I did actually get out of the house a couple of times this week! As previously mentioned, we went to my sister's for my Mom's party. Then we stayed the night there (Handsome Handyman & some of the others played games ALL NIGHT!). We spent most of the day there, so that was a really fun weekend. Chick had a bad rash all over her body & a fever on Saturday, but by Monday morning she was back to normal.

Then on Monday I went to JoAnn's and Value Village. At JoAnn's I got fabric and such for Babe's blessing dress. After I'd bought it I called my Mom because I had buyers remorse. She just laughed because it was so unlike me--not only did I spend a lot for a baby dress that will be worn once, but I didn't even LOOK at how much the fabric cost! Anyhow, it's going to have mint green trim....

At VV I got several grow into items, since I don't know how the new lead laws will affect second hand stores. Anyhow, 16 items for $25: a chair, 5 pairs of shoes for the kids, 3 pairs of jammies (one not pictured), a shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, a sweater, a pair of wool pants, the most darling dress in the world, and one of their calendars (for free).

Here are pics of just the dress. I think I'll try to make a copycat for Chick, but in a different color.

Lets see...what else..... Laundry, and yesterday was grocery shopping. Albertsons had "double the manufacturer's coupon" coupons this past week, so I gathered 4 of those (good for 3 coupons) and used my 12 best coupons to have them match. It didn't turn out to be the GREATEST savings, because I haven't gotten any new coupons since Babe was born & haven't really been doing shopping since then either, so a lot of my coupons had to be thrown out because they were expired. But I did get some good loot. The cool part is that I was able to get brands that I've been wanting to test out--and it's all healthy : )

I also watched "Run, Fatboy, Run." Thanks Lorna & Sindea for the recommendation. I will say that I'm not recommending it hands down myself, due to language and some other stuff, however I really liked it! I liked it enough that although it was a free Monday rental, I'm going to rerent it to watch when HH can watch it with me (I watched it during naptime while I folded cloths).

Yeah, I liked it enough to spend a dollar to see it again...sometimes I realize how cheap I am and it's ridiculous.

Anyhow, that's our life this week. I'll post pics of the blessing dress when it's done.


Katie said...

Wow, you got some really cute things at VV! I hated when my dad took us there shopping when we were kids, but I guess if you know how/where/when to look, you can find some pretty good things. :)

Annalia Romero said...

I absolutely love your fabric! And she may only wear that dress once, but it can be something special for her to treasure. Something from you. Something she could use for one of her own children some day. She'll count her lucky stars that you had such good taste!