Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweetie-pie snookums dear

I'm turning into one of those. You know, one of the women that honey and dear everyone. One of the assistants at my midwife's clinic was like that (she was a mother of daughters). I really loved it--midwives are a little more personal than other healthcare folk.

HH and I never really got into the pet name thing...we just added "y" to the end of our names and called it good. Then along comes Chick and then Babe. They're sweetie, sweetheart, honey, lovebug, little love. ..

So three times in the past week I honeyed HH without realizing it. The first time I said it he turned to me and said,
"Did you just call me honey?!"
"Yeah. Weird, huh? It just came out."

Anyhow, now that it's happened 3 times, I think we're over the initial shock of it, and have just surrendered to the fact that I'm a honeyer.


Tanaya said...

I'm a honey-er too. I actually got called out on it at work one time a few years ago. I called one of the guys "babe". He stopped and said WHAT did you call me?!?!?! Of course I said I called you babe, is that a problem? We all laughed and it just became our thing.

Katie said...

Sam and I are totally Honeyers, too. I actually feel a little weird when he calls me by my real name, lol. It just seems so impersonal.