Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Amazing Brain and other Miscellanea

First: My amazing brain. I suppose it's no more amazing than anyone else's...but it's all I've got. Three times lately I've awoken in the early morning with brilliant ideas or answers to things that I hadn't figured out. I think it's cool that my mind is working while I sleep.

Miscellaneous 1: Have you seen "Game Show in my Head"? I think it's the most hilarious show on tv right now. At one point I was almost laughing so hard that I cried, which reminded me of the 1980's when my Mom would cry from the Cosby Show.

Miscellaneous 2: Chick repeats everything we say (and do). It's an eye opener in a lot of ways, but mostly it's just funny. I was downstairs and HH yelled down to me that my water was breaking (He says that rather than boiling...I don't know why). Chick was down there with me, and as we walked up the stairs she just kept singing, "Water breaking...your water breaking". She calls HH by his first name, and says "I know, I know" sympathetically to Babe when Babe is crying. This picture is her playing with Play-Doh, which has nothing to do with repeating things.

Miscellaneous 3: It's not the best idea to talk on the phone while cooking and to totally ignore the toddler of the house. I could hear Babe's swing going, but couldn't see Chick, and she knows when Mama is too wrapped up in other things to notice her. Here's what I found when I finally came out of the kitchen....

Miscellaneous 4: Babe is a smiler. She smiles way more than Chick at this age. She smiles at the shower curtain a lot. She smiles at people. She smiles at lamps. This picture isn't a full-on smile, but it was a smile in the making.

Miscellaneous 5: HH is an awesome husband & father. I've received some comments about me "editing" the story and that I was really mad at him on Christmas. Not so. I had a pity party, and was bewildered about why he didn't tell me that the car was disassembled before it was time to go...but I wasn't MAD. And it all worked out anyhow because he put the old part in & made do for a couple more days. That is not to say that I don't get mad at him, but he rarely RARELY gets mad at me, and I now know that I deserve it more than he does (see miscellaneous #2). And right now he's soothing a crying baby so that I can update my blog. He's a winner, I tell you. I know how to pick them. Maybe not...maybe I just knew how to pick him.

Miscellaneous 6: Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars taste like granola bars used to taste when I was growing up. I didn't realize how much store-bought granola bars had changed until I bought these and felt like I'd just gone back in time. They're good. I think they're worth the little extra that they cost.

Miscellaneous 7: I'm reading "A Girl Named Zippy" and am almost half done. It's an easy & quick read, and is entertaining and interestingly written. I recommend it, especially to Tanaya, who I am reminded of as I read it...for some reason (which I do not know).

Miscellaneous 8: I went to a baby shower last night and one of the gifts was a BEAUTIFUL blessing dress. I couldn't help but think that a store-bought dress would be so much easier. I only think that because I'm procrastinating getting started on Babe's, so it's Looming.

Miscellaneous 9: I love my in-laws. I think that I have the easiest-to-get-along-with mother-in-law in the world (And she never says bad things about people, which is something that she passed on to her son, and I love that about him). However, I don't care for the fact that when my husband bought their house from them it came with several years accumulation of STUFF. Some of it has been great (like the wheat grinder!)...but there are several dead computers that we've been wondering what to do with. So HOORAY for the new government program that allows free recycling of computers! Yesterday I took 2 cpu's and 2 monitors to the goodwill for donation to the program, and tomorrow I'll take the rest of the cpu's. Still in a quandry about the printers and microwaves.....

Miscellaneous 10: seemed like there was something else, but now I can't think of anything. Don't'll come to me when I wake up tomorrow.


nikko said...

Babe is such a pretty baby. You must have so much fun with her.

Hey, at least she knew that the mascara goes on the eyes!

Ann N. said...

Very interesting & fun blog. I'll have to watch that game show. I checked out 2 books from the library a couple of weeks ago that weren't mysterys. I read old mysterys -classics - no swear words -no sex but a lot of human nature puzzles. For me they're a getaway. But because of my daughters I decided to read something different. I got THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES & A GIRL CALLED ZIPPY. I finished the Bee book last night and will look for it in thrift stores to add to my books. It is nothing like my life but yet it ties in with my life in Ohio and brought many memories. Even the swear words were door openers. I remember as a kid thinking that I was glad I didn't live in the South. Ohio was bad enough. How very grateful I am that my heros were Aunt Nonie and Grandma Reeves. No time left to read Zippy - it's due back. Mom

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

I really loved the mascara. It's impressive that she knew where it was supposed to go!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

By the way, I think your brain is totally amazing.

Simply Simmons said...

It looks like Chick and Riley have the same infatuation for mascara!! Could it be that they are destined for each other????