Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update on Me & My Life

Last night was another midwife appt. All is well. I'm dilated to 2 and have a soft cervix (tmi?)...could be a couple of days, or it could be weeks. Hopefully I can get through layout, which starts today and will go through next week. Next Thursday (the first of my possible due dates) is a full moon, so that's not in my favor! But I am getting excited to meet the baby...when I remember that pregnancy ends with a baby (crazy that I could forget, but I do!).

So yesterday I moved the cradle into our room & made sure all the baby stuff was as organized as possible. I also bought the special treats that we'll have during and after the birth (T. Joe's Dixie Peach juice - my favorite!, and T. Joe's graham crackers for Chick). Last time I had my absolute favorite food: Breakfast Casserole, as the post-birth meal. However, it's our tradition to have it for breakfast on Christmas morning. The two events are too close together, so I need to figure out what else we can eat after the baby comes. Any ideas? My midwife always does a birthday cake when she has babies--the whole family eats cake sitting on the bed with the new baby. That's a fun tradition, but I tend to like savory rather than sweet.

And speaking of food, I've made a huge batch of raisin bran muffins & a couple more casseroles to freeze. Now all I need to do is prepare 1 or 2 more casseroles (lasagna--on the menu for Sunday) and cook up some chicken and ground beef and I'll be done! I'll have about 2 weeks of meals completely done, and another week or two of meal components to throw together.

Other news: I decided on which prego pics to order. I'll be getting #17, 18, 41, and 68. If you haven't looked yet, they're still online until Thursday. Click on the logo then select "Your Session" & enter "p.j." as the name, and "bebe" as the password. You have to then click on the photo to enter the gallery.

Lastly, our dryer stopped working completely (it hasn't worked well for quite a while!). HH had a new replacement that he was putting off installing (it required hooking up gas rather than electricity & changing the water heater, which we also had but put off doing)...anyhow, the demise of the old dryer was the nudge that he needed, and now I have a beautiful working dryer! Yay! Of course, now I need to help him get motivated enough to get rid of the old one!


jeannie said...

you are so organized making meals ahead of time! Good for you! A breakfast casserole sounds good, you should post the recipe.

Our little family said...

I love breakfast casserole! I keep trying to think of something yummy but just keep thinking of that. My only other idea is something with ham. I just remember being soooo hungry after. I had them bring me two dinners b/c I was still hungry after the first :) What about ham slices and a potato casserole with some sort of vegetable?

Oh, and I looked at your pics last week but got interrupted so I couldn't post which ones I like. But I liked all of them. They turned out so good.

nikko said...

Oh my gosh you are so organized to have all that food made. I guess you're not relying on your relief society, eh?

I am always starving after giving birth, too. I remember eating two whole trays of food after my youngest was born. Crazy!

For some reason, it's always difficult for me to remember what the end result is, too. (A baby!) I always get so panicky at the thought of going through labor that I forget about the blessing at the end!

Annalia said...

Wow, Paige. I knew you were pregnant, I just didn't realize HOW pregnant. At least you can count down in days now instead of weeks.

Annalia said...

still pregger, huh?

Paige said...

Yes, still prego. I did have false labor on Tuesday, which totally freaked me out at one point (when it felt like they were getting stronger) because I was just getting started on layout. Luckily (after 8 hours) it went away. I changed my activity, but it wasn't until I got into the bathtub that it stopped.

I think I'll do a hearty soup of some sort. I could do a big crock pot full & everyone can eat it during the birth if they get hungry. I love soup.