Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The status quo

Last night's midwife appointment went well: blood pressure is low, iron count is high, weight is the same. Baby is still alive and kicking with an average heartbeat & average measurement. I'm still dilated to 2...it could still be as early as today or as late as 3 weeks from now. I'm just waiting.

I finished all of my freezer cooking, though I might continue to add to it as I go.

My dishes are clean, and my laundry isn't mountainous.

The cradle is set up, and the birth pool is inflated but not filled.

Oh, and yesterday I decided on the post-birth meal! I'm going to do a crock pot potato chowder with diced ham and some corn added in. The recipe has good reviews--and rightfully so, because it is not low fat in the least! I'll let you know how it goes : )

I feel a little bad saying that I'm impatient. I have a pretty good time being pregnant, I think--I actually like it. And with all that I wanted to get done before the babe came out, I should be happy to have more time. But for about the past week I've been ready.

I'm ready to start trying to get my body back to normal.

I'm ready to meet this child--what color hair will it have? What is the gender?! etc.

I'm ready to just suck it up and deal with Chick constantly wanting to hold the baby & all the random changes that we'll have with her.

I'm ready (and excited) for the birth. Hard, yes, but such a thrilling thing. Last time, due to hypertension, I had to stay in bed for almost the entire time (except for 1 hour in the birth tub when I dilated from 5 to 10)...this time I should be fine being more vertical and moving as I'd like. I really can't wait! (I know I'm weird).

But I'm just waiting.

Probably in an hour I'll be happy to not be dealing with a baby. I won't bother posting when such a swing in opinion occurs--just assume that it'll happen!


nikko said...

Several days with no posting and I thought maybe baby was already here!

Good luck with everything. You have a much better outlook on childbirth than I do. Good for you! I get to be such a panicky ball of nerves... until labor actually starts and then I'm fine.

I'll be thinking of you!

Rachel DeFreese said...

The things I have learned from Aunt Paige's pregnancy:

-Make lots of freezer meals
-You will want something yummy after the birth, so pick an appealing and fattening meal
-It's okay to let someone photograph your pregnant tummy
-Who said you have to use a bassinet? How about try a cradle?
-Enjoy pregnancy
-And last but not least, be patient!

Aunt Paige, you are so patient! I think I want to be surprised with one of my child's genders, but I don't think I could with all of them. Hanging out with Megan and reading your posts has given me two very different views on pregnancy.

Katie said...

So glad that everything is going well. I hope baby makes his/her appearance soon!

Tymon said...

Good luck. Hope all goes well!