Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movie Recommendation

Hooray for the free Monday movie codes at Redbox, is all I can say. I had intended to be productive today, but it's raining.

I should be productive anyhow, but I'm really glad I got to watch a free movie in the middle of the day--rain or not. I'll be productive in a little bit (after blogging...and then napping).

Anyhow, Chick and I just watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Since it is g-rated I can recommend it without any reservations. I will warn you--it looks all happy-go-lucky in the preview, but it was a tear jerker. Honestly I cried off and on all throughout the movie. You can blame it on prego hormones if you want, but the movie does a good job of putting the Great Depression on a personal level. It is an "American Girl" movie, so of course it ends happily (a little too happily, really), but I like happy endings. Whenever I'd start crying Chick would look up at me like,
"What on EARTH is Mama crying about? All I care about is that there's a doggie on the TV."

Anyhow, speaking of the Great Depression, here's a book recommendation too: Little Heathens. I don't remember the author's name (check my GoodReads in the sidebar...I think the book is in there). It was a really interesting book. Things have really changed since then.

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