Monday, November 24, 2008

It's really Labor this time!

For sure.

That's what I told Handsome Handyman when I woke him up at 1:15 a.m.

About 10 minutes to 2 a.m. I debated calling my midwife, but decided to wait out a few more contractions so that I'd know better how far apart they were.

I fell asleep before I called her, though, and it's a good thing. By 5:50, when HH woke up (when he's supposed to be walking in to work!) I had to ask if I really had had contractions or if that was a dream.

So we're still waiting.

I changed the prego ticker due date--It was bad for my morale to see it add on days! So now it will go to Thanksgiving, which is my last possible due date (then of course there are 2 weeks of overtime before the baby is evicted).

Yesterday Chick and I stayed home from church. She got a cold (from Nursery) so she couldn't go (to Nursery)...ironic. Anyhow, we napped, so it was nice and relaxing.

HH's birthday was on Saturday, and was totally uneventful. I hadn't really PLANNED anything, because I didn't know if I'd be in bed with a new little one or not. He renewed his license at the DOL, we ran errands, he worked in the yard and on the car...that's about it. He'd been planning to watch the apple cup, but then gave the tv up to Chick so that she could watch "Movie...Bear?" (Bernstein Bear video). The most birthday-ish part was a brownie cake and cuddling up to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. Oh well, I'll make next year's b-day extra special.

But let me tell you about my grocery shopping--I love Albertsons sales. Here's what I got:

brownie mix & frosting,
25# flour,
2 bottles of cooking oil,
3 other baking items,
3# butter,
4 cans broth,
8 cans cream of mushroom,
15# potatoes,
and a 20# turkey

....all for $24.54
($78.84 savings, according to them)


nikko said...

How exciting! Are you still having contractions??

Paige said...

No. It ended up not being exciting in the least, because by morning it was nothing.

I'm glad I didn't have false labor last time--I would have gone crazy with the bedrest situation & getting my hopes up like this!

Our little family said...

That's an awesome sale Paige!!!! Next visit we'll have to chat about couponing. I hope you can stop having false labor and start having a baby! Especially now that it's "time"