Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quotable Chick

(She put part of her "pineapple upsidedown cupcake" back into her bowl.  I saw that it was the sugary topping part & ate it for her)
Chick: Do you like the yucky part?
Me: Yes, I do.
Chick: You like yucky stuff, I like the good stuff.  I don't like the yucky things.  I don't like mushrooms.  or dinner, sometimes.

"Big girls don't hold bugs."

(to me) "I'm Monkey's Mama.  You are LittleMan's Mama."

Me: Did you have fun at the party?
Chick: No.
Me: Why not?  I thought you had fun dancing.
Chick: I had fun dancing, and I had fun eating, but I didn't have fun leaving.

(while watching the Waste Management truck take our garbage.  The truck has a WM logo on the side)
"W, M.  Wuh, mmm.  That truck is a wum."

(pointing to a woman in a car next to ours at the stoplight)
Chick: What's her name?
Me: I don't know.  I don't know her.
Chick: Maybe it's Shaunta.

"I don't have any idea about finishing my dinner."


(While driving we saw this sign.)
Chick: That sign says, "Go to the playground, Chick."

"Reverently, Quietly, and we all fall DOWN"

One night she was not staying in her bed.  I sternly told her to get back into bed.  She (sternly, in the same tone as me) said, "YOU DON'T TALK TO BIG GIRLS LIKE THAT."

Chick has Mister PotatoHead, and Sister PotatoHead.

(Handing me an apple slice,)
Here's some apple, Mama.  You can share some of it with me.

(Little Man was crying)
"He needs his Mama and his Big Girl.


Katie said...

What a personality she has! Cutie pie!

The Higham Family said...

So cute!! I'm impressed with her reading skills. How do you do it?
What a good idea to write all those down- you'll be so glad to have those bits of Chick wisdom recorded!

nikko said...

I love it. I am so bad about remembering to write this stuff down.

I love the one where she asks about the people in the car at the stoplight. My kids ask me that kind of stuff all the time. It's like they don't have a clue how limited our knowledge of everything really is. :o)

Paige said...

Kim-- Not that I'm any expert, but here's what we do:
emphasize phonics & the sound of the letter rather than the name of the letter
let her play on
read to her
I got sandpaper letters & sometimes we play with those, or go through the sounds of the letters using those
We also have a fridge phonics set, but I'm not sure that's been all that helpful with any real learning--I think it's mostly just fun

Chick is chick, though. She's pretty self-motivated to learn new things. I don't know that Monkey will be an early reader...except that she likes to do what her sister is doing, so maybe she will just because of Chick?

Nikko-- LOL. I know. Really, just being a mom means that you know EVERYTHING?! Nice!

Anna said...

CUTEST blog EVER award right here, right now!