Sunday, August 15, 2010


A week or so ago we had HH's sister, Jeanne, and her family stay with us.  With an extra 4 young people, it was certainly more exciting around here!  Chick LOVED having cousins here to stay with us.  Monkey did too, once she warmed up to the idea : )  You can see pictures on Jeanne's blog for their adventures (one day they took my girls to Greenlake).

One day we were going to have a Ferryboat & beach adventure together...but they drove on the ferry, and we walked on the ferry.  Anyhow, with the extra time to get the stroller out and kids in, etc...we walked onto the ferry that came AFTER the ferry that they drove onto.  But we all had a lovely day just the same.  And for $4.50 or so, it was quite an inexpensive and fun outing! 

We just went to Clinton Park (or beach?) that's right next to the ferry terminal, since we were on foot.  It was fun, though.  We ate a picnic lunch, and played.

Got dirty.

I was there, too.
When we'd gotten back to the Mukilteo side, Monkey was asleep, and Moose was ready to eat.  Chick helped push the stroller, and then made a new friend at the playground while I fed the baby.

So although it was unfortunate to not get to play with cousins, it did open my eyes to the fact that I CAN go out and do fun things with three kids by myself.  I don't HAVE to be such a homebody!!

Stay tuned for more fun with cousins....

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nikko said...

Yeah, it's not easy to go out and about, but the more you do it the easier it gets. I think. :o)