Monday, August 23, 2010


The day after the 85th birthday party was Moose's Blessing.  The blessing was at the church, and afterwards we went back home for a potluck.  (I'd planned to have it at the park so that I wouldn't have to worry about the condition of my house [it's already a sight, plus we'd had houseguests all week], but the weather didn't cooperate with us).  It went fine, though.  Plenty of good food, and fun cousins for my kids to run around with. 
The whole gang at the church just after the blessing.

It's always a blessing to be with family.  This time it was more J-side and less N-side (which is the opposite of what it normally is, since the N-side lives here and the J-side doesn't).  We love both sides, and I really do feel blessed that we have gotten to spend time with both sides of the family this summer.
HH with his boy.
The cake. 
Not really necessary, but I didn't sew a gown like for the girls...I had to do SOMETHING....
The cake said, "Welcome to the World, Moose" around the side
Dapper in his homemade pants and bowtie
(both from a $1 thrifted mens suit jacket)
Chick with G'ma J
with G'pa J

First time pig tails (or devil horns...whichever fits)


Katie said...

I wish we could have been there, too! What a cutie pie!

nikko said...

I love Monkey's pig tails! And the pants and bow tie!

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