Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun with Cousins

Here is Monkey with her cousin and Aunt Jeanne.  You can't tell from the picture, but the two little girls played well together.

Jeanne & family came on Tuesday morning.  That weekend brought a lot more family to town for Great-Grandma C's 85th birthday.  I'll post about the birthday later.  But on Friday night we had a game night at our house.  We made homemade pizzas (LOTS of pizza, which provided food for Saturday's breakfast AND lunch!).  The adults played "In a Pickle" and "Cashflow" upstairs.

The cousins ate outside (some not pictured), and then the older ones watched VeggieTales downstairs. 
(Do you like our downstairs carpet & decor?  We haven't gotten started on remodelling down there)

We compared babies.  Moose is 6 weeks younger than his cousin, and is probably lighter, but it doesn't really look like it...and honestly it doesn't really feel like it, either.  Baby O is darling, isn't he?
Anyhow, it was a fun night.  It made me wish that we all lived closer....

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nikko said...

Cousins are so fun!