Monday, August 16, 2010

the cure for a grumpy day

I've had a terrible cold this weekend, and still don't feel well. 
HH is working on a side project & will not get home until late every day this week, it seems.
It's too hot.
Monkey pooed on the kitchen floor.
Chick didn't nap, even though she's staying up late & waking early.
I bought a new blouse, and when I took pictures of myself in it I realized that I look like a water buffalo.
My house is a complete mess and I lack motivation to clean it. (it's too hot to clean)

So I took pictures of baby Moose, since he's nothing but sweetness on a bad day.  (btw, he can roll over from back to tummy, and he can maneuver off of his blanket when he's on his tummy.)

slice of life: tough love from his big sis.

a little spit-up makes him all the more sweet, eh?

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nikko said...

Moose is such a cutie!