Friday, April 2, 2010


Growing up we colored our eggs using the Paas kits from the store. Its been many years since I've colored eggs, but felt that I had to this year because Chick is old enough to care & to help do it.
I don't have a problem with the store-bought kits, but I decided that with all of the cool ways to color eggs naturally, I'd go ahead and try that route.
We tried: silk tie-dyed eggs, fern & flower wrapped egg (just one), and various foods-- cherries, paprika, tumeric, spinach & parsley, & dandelions (good reference article here...I found it after I'd done my eggs). For decorations we used stickers & rubber bands. The silk tie ones & the fern & flower were hollowed out first, since not all of the ingredients were edible.

My helpers...

the silk ones. Super easy and cool looking! They remind me of the book "Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen". The fern & periwinkle didn't turn out very well, so I redid it using silk, but not for very long, so it's pale.

The cherry & paprika dyed... (suprisingly not red except for one spot)

The spinach & parsleys didn't turn out well, so I added them back in with the dandelion & turmeric, which turned out the best. (This picture is all of the food dyed eggs, except for the two that we'd already eaten!)

All my eggs in, plate.

If I get more eggs I'm going to do some in blackberries & with the girls' initials on them for in their baskets. Also in their baskets--I'm going to try mini oatmeal-raisin cookies to put in large crystal-cut plastic eggs. I don't really want to do candy, and I think o-r cookies are a good enough balance between fun & indulgent and healthy.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my other "egg-sperimental" project to show : )


S.Ann said...

Very nice! I'm so interested to meet the ancestor whose creative gene you've got. Sooo my plan is to hard boil eggs and with a colored marker put each childs name on it. I imagine Arizona will wonder at the plainliness. I'll explain that they were done by nuns in a convent & you can tell her abt nuns.

Annalia Romero said...

Those are beautiful! It's Friday night and we've done zilch to prepare for Easter....wait...I bought strawberries! Nearly zilch.

Scooter said...

Hey I see you have carried on the
tradition - next year, remind me, and I will begin again as I did when you were younger.... dad