Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Earth Day Confession

I don't use shampoo.

It was around this time last year (though not specifically on Earth Day) that I read an article on "No poo" and decided to try it out. Instead of shampoo I use a little bit of baking soda dissolved in water. I do still use a tiny bit of conditioner.

The results? I can go quite a bit longer between hair washings (though of course the rest of me requires the same amount of hygiene). My hair is at least equally clean, healthy, & easy.

I will say that it's not as much fun to apply--a head full of suds feels great, and baking soda...doesn't. But it's cheaper & more natural, which are both important things to me.

In the same spirit of that "Earth Day" change, this year I decided to give up all disposable paper products for a month, starting today. I thought it would be easy, since we already use cloth napkins, and rarely use paper towels (and even more rarely use paper plates or plastic cutlery)...then my Mom pointed out that I'd have to go 100% cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers, but not 100% love. So I abandoned my plan and came up with an easier one.

It's a little sewing project that I didn't get done today, but maybe tomorrow I'll have pictures. Stay tuned....


Annalia Romero said...

Toilet paper? I couldn't give it up. I'm addicted. Tony says they use rocks in Cape Verde, where he served his mission.

Katie said...

I've heard about the no shampoo, but I've been too afraid to try. I have reduced the number of times I shampoo my hair, though, only twice a week. I usually condition every day, though, because it's really dry from when I got it straightened last year.

S.Ann said...

Paige, do you know how many tissues that I use in a day?!? I have on several occasions planted a tree & hopefully that will be enough to compensate for both the tissues and the TP (what was your plan there?) In the olden days they used pages from the Sears catalog.

Paige said...

We already primarily use handkerchiefs (or nose rags, depending on which parent is referring to it).
As for toilet paper--come on people, I wasn't going totally RUSTIC, of course we would still use TP. That doesn't really count. Do you know ANYONE that doesn't use TP (except in Cape Verde, evidently)?