Friday, April 23, 2010

And you thought Cinderella was a fairy tale.

It's not. It's real. Only around here it's CinderMonkey.

Exhibit A: the child that has discovered that she likes to play INSIDE the fireplace. Facilitated by an older sister who moved the board that was blocking the entrance.(note the black hair...)

Facilitator goes to time out, CinderMonkey goes to the bathtub. Once CinderMonkey is cleaned up enough & happily playing in the tub, I go to wash Facilitator's hands (didn't know she'd gotten dirty too...wipe handprints from bedroom walls while in washing hands).

Return to CinderMonkey. She's standing in the tub, saying & signing "Potty." Half a minute too late. She's pooing in the tub. Take CinderMonkey out of the tub, quickly get a diaper on her, and grab a spatula to get the poo out of the tub.

Drain the tub, remove the mat, and find that the soot has made a lovely ring--requiring a more intensive cleaning job than I'd been planning. Get some cleaner and try to scrub out the tub (my least favorite of all cleaning jobs) without banging up my belly too much.

Pray that HH gets home soon. Also say a thankful prayer that I'm not a single parent with no one to come take the evening shift.
If it were a fairy tale, I wouldn't have had to do all the cleaning.

In other news: Here is a picture of my EarthDay project: mesh produce bags. I don't know how long they'll hold up, but the netting was used in the garden last year & was just sitting in the shed, so it's repurposed anyhow.

Also, in my baby frenzy, I decided to make a crib quilt. It's almost all pieced together, and it'll be chenille-backed (the green in the bottom of the picture). I'm going to do large-patterned free motion quilting on it (possibly something like THIS, possibly with some other design on the large white strips). But I can't decide on what color to do the binding. What do you think? I don't want white, but can't decide--green or red? Any advice on what pattern to use for the actual quilting is welcome, too. I think I'll just use white thread for the quilting.


Annalia Romero said...

Wow. That looks super-hard....cute quilt! I vote for gray binding, but I'm kind of on a gray kick right now. goldish-yellow?

Katie said...

cindermonkey hehehe. I'm sorry you had a hard day! The quilt is really cute. I think a red binding would be betting looking on the front, but not so sure about how it would look on the back.... Hmmm... I know what you mean about glad to not be a single mom. There are some days when I am one (when he's on call), and I much prefer when he's home. :)

S.Ann said...

I can't believe that those 2 sweet girls could cause such havoc.Well that's not quite true but I find it harder to believe then I did with my own hellions. The bags are a great idea but I can't remember to take the shopping bags into the store so....
I love the quilt and I definitly would vote for the green that's on the top but don't think it goes that well with the green on the bottom. I think that the red might make it look too boxed in but maybe not.

nikko said...

I vote for red for the binding, I like bindings that stand out.

What a mess those two made!