Friday, April 30, 2010

feathering my nest

I'm convinced that some people have the "spray painting" gene and some do not. I do not. I tried to paint this cradle perfectly, and it did turn out pretty well, but it was a LONG process to get it to look right.
Anyhow, it was left by some renters and I found it in the garage (yes indeed, our garage is like that). It was a medium wood color, and looked dated and boring, but had such a cute shape and I knew it'd be awesome in black. (and especially awesome with a child under it, as you see)

So I painted it black and then distressed the edges. Then, because I don't trust my own painting abilities I top coated it so we don't end up with a cradle that's TOO distressed in a week or two : ) Not sure if I'll keep the Real Love bedding in there (also found in the garage with the cradle), or if I'll use the plain white set that I've used in the past.

I awoke very early yesterday and, as is usually the case with my thought processes in the early hours, I got really grumpy/stressed/borderline-hysterical about not having things ready for the baby/having a messy house/etc and


Seriously, I only have 4 weeks it just me, or is that elephant stampeding to the end?!! HH is a patient man, and gave up his sleep without grumbling : )

Anyhow, so yesterday I cleaned in the bedroom, organized elsewhere, did several loads of laundry, installed Chick's new booster seat & washed the baby's carseat cover, and made sure to FINISH the cradle.

Also, there have been comments about me being such a productive person, and I (sadly) have to clarify that I just get really antsy before a baby arrives. Some days I don't have energy and I just sit around.

OK, my kids are starting to wreak havoc...I gotta go.


S.Ann said...

I love the cradle's long legs. Makes me think of the infamous stork that brings babies. I think it turned out perfectly....right down to the child under it. I was like you the last month of a pregnancy & then would spend the last couple weeks just "keeping up", antsy for the usually overdue babe to arrive.

Paige said...

Speaking of the stork, I learned this week that the stork is the one to bring the babies because storks are actually really great parents.

Annalia said...

...unlike Pelicans, who let their children push each other out of the nest!

I think your cradle looks great! I could barely even see the I couldn't say. I think something really bright would be lovely....but I guess not all babies go for that.