Friday, April 9, 2010

The Weekly News

I'm having a bit of trouble believing that it's Friday already! I've barely been out of the house at all this week--Midwife appt on Monday, answered the door yesterday & went onto the back deck to talk to HH who was working in the backyard, and walked out to my sister's car today. That's it! Pathetic, I know. It's layout week.

The good news is that both my boss & my contact person down in Siena (my monthly layout is for the Siena community magazine) both LOVED this month's issue. It's not completely done--still a few edits left, but it's in the easy downward slide now : )

My sister took the girls to have lunch & play at her playground today, so I have total peace and quiet right now : )

Yesterday I wrote down everything that I ate, and today I'm doing the same--it's like I just woke up suddenly with enough brainpower to be good about my eating! Yay. Now if I can continue for the next 7 weeks, then maybe my total pregnancy gain won't be too bad {Confession time: I'm just shy of 30 pounds right now}.

BUT some more good news today: I'll have help after the baby comes regardless of how much I've gained! Why? I'll tell you why: I just won a Tummy Yummy Giveaway! I'm so excited, I get a super cool Tummy Yummy Nursing Tank! Yay! Thanks Tummy Yummy & Once a Month Mom!!

(Speaking of Once a Month Mom, I do plan to do another round of freezer cooking, but we haven't finished up what I did last time, so I decided to wait until after this week. We've really loved a lot of what I'd prepared, and it's just sooo convenient!)

I also was given a big box of clothes--some for Monkey, some maternity for me (Totally needed--my wardrobe is getting limited and boring right about now! Thanks, Andrea!). It's been fun to try things on my Monkey and me. And a bit humbling, because I'm huge. HH says it's time for another photo to document my belly, but I think it'll have to wait until after layout, so that I can get some makeup on at least.

The only bad news, that I hope ISN'T bad news, is that at my Midwife appt we noticed that the baby has a heart arrhythmia. I'll have to go in for a non-stress test & ultrasound. We considered finding out the gender, but I think if we can help it then we still won''s just so exciting to be surprised at the end. Besides, we've made it this long.... Anyhow, Charlotte, my midwife, says that arrhythmia's aren't usually a big deal & the babies grow out of them a lot of the time by the time they are born or soon thereafter. And ours is pretty mild. (I read 85% end up to be nothing to worry about). So lets hope for the best.

Oh, I also fell down yesterday, so I guess that's bad news too. I tripped over all of the toys in the living room when I was on my way to greet HH at the door. Thankfully he took over with the girls (and made them clean up their toys) while I got to lay down for a little nap. The only damage is a bruised shin & skinned elbow. Baby is still thumping around in there : )

To close: here are my cute girls reading together.

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