Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My favorite Doodad

HH has a game called Cashflow. One of the things that you can land on are "doodads" which are things that we spend our money on: big screen tv's, a daughter's wedding, leaky pipes, etc. Some of them are necessities and some aren't. Either way, you don't really want to land on that spot because you'll have to take a doodad card and it might cost you a lot.
There is one doodad that I always hope to get though: a stand mixer In the game you don't really want to spend money, but I have always been happy to pay for that card. (Turns out, though, that it's actually a "food processor" card...I went through the deck twice and NO stand mixer. All this time I had it in mind that I was getting a stand mixer.)

Anyhow, I bought a stand mixer this weekend, and as I drove home contentedly, I thought how I had just bought my favorite "doodad." I found it on craigslist, so it really was not a bad price, and the woman that I bought it from was a doula (which means that she's instantly cool and kindred, even though I've never had a doula at any of my births).

I've only used the mixer once so far, but stay tuned : )

Other news: I'm feeling big & eating big and will probably REALLY regret it in about 2 months.

My projects this week have been: revising a slip for Chick that was "boggering" her around the waist--I took off the existing top & used one of HH's old t-shirts to make a tank top which I then sewed to the skirt of the slip, and removed some elastic at the waist that was uncomfortable (hence the "boggering") & unnecessary after my revisions. She's happy with it now, and I'm happy that I didn't have to sew an entirely new slip (WHERE do you find slips for the 4t crowd?!!).

I moved the couches to get the little toys out from underneith (I swear I JUST did it, but both girls are missing their toothbrushes and since all missing things are found under the couch I decided to try. Nope, not there...but I did find 5 books, a glove, a little person, 2 snap-on suits for a doll & said doll's hat, a sock, a shoe, a slipper, and a lid for the tea set). I know as soon as I get out new toothbrushes the old ones will turn up....

And yesterday I made something super dreamy...a confection of frothy tulle and creamy satin with a glimmery flower. That's all I can say, and no pictures yet, because it's for this weekend and I don't want to ruin any holiday suprises.


S.Ann said...

HOORAY!!!I'm so glad that you got your Kitchen Aide. I would like one too but I don't cook enough anymore to merit one.

nikko said...

I love my kitchen aid! Have so much fun with it!

The Higham Family said...

Lucky! I don't even have a hand mixer...thats on my "it would be really nice to have, but its not absolutely necessary so it'll have to wait" list.
Maybe I'll just save up for a kitchen aid!