Monday, March 15, 2010


Layout ended late on Friday night. Here's the cover that my boss and I liked best.
The powers that be didn't like the bandaids, though, so I had to revise it and put in a much less bold looking first aid kit.
To kick off "relaxation mode" the girls went to visit my brother & sil for the evening while HH and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. We both liked it. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but still pretty cool.
We got quite a few things done on Saturday-- HH accomplished more than I did. It's always exciting to see things actually get done. Especially since several of the things that he did were just because they bothered me--like how the tree branches looked like they were laying on the shed roof & I wanted them trimmed up so that there was space above the roof...I had several picky things that I'd complained about, and my wonderful husband fixed them for me : )

Today I'm lazy with a cold (or allergies?), but have high hopes of being productive later.........

Anyhow, we are invited to my niece's first birthday party this weekend, and I'm undecided on the gift (the parents claim to never read my blog [as if anyone can keep away! lol] so I'm asking for help on deciding what to give). The poll is in my sidebar.

Option 1: a Market Skirt and bought t-shirt
Option 2: a Can-Can Skirt with matching headband (I ordered the Chiffon a couple of weeks ago to make some for my girls & have enough colors to do something different for all of them)
Option 3: a Headband and bracelet set
Option 4: just buy something (probably a wooden Melissa & Doug toy or a cute book)
Or you can leave a comment with a suggestion of something else.

And, now that I think of it, we have another first birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks, so I guess you can tell me what she should get too (not a little relative, it's a little friend).

Thanks for the help!


Katie said...

fun fun! I sooo want to make can can skirts for my girls, but have no idea where to find that kind of fabric here! haha. I have a HUGE shopping list for when we come back this summer, lol.

I think the can can skirts are cute if the kid is old enough to be twirling around. Might be overwhelming on a 1 year old...

So I vote for either #1 or #3, but maybe a shirt dress with ruffled diaper cover??? (says the girl who botched the first shirt dress and has been too afraid to try again, lol)

Steph said...

I vote the market skirt simply because it looks so perfect for playing about in the sun.

Anna said...

LOVE all options.

Just have to say that I think the new header picture is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I wish I lived close enough to you again to glean even a tidbit of your knowledge and skills. I obviously didn't know what I had until it was (WAY) too late. You amaze me!